If You Hate This DMC: Devil May Cry Gameplay Trailer, It May Cry

Devil May Cry is getting reworked as DMC: Devil May Cry — a fresh take on an old favourite.

Yet, some fans didn't warm to the trailer released last year, but the E3 trailer was a step in the right direction. This gameplay footage is another.

So here you go, a DMC: Devil May Cry gameplay trailer for the Gamescom expo in Germany.

DMC: Devil May Cry is being developed by Ninja Theory, the studio behind Heavenly Sword.


      Really? I liked the arrogant Dante because it was a change from the typical brooding silent tough guy that most games end up with.

      "long, silver haired, wankster, poser Dante was always one of the driving factors in me not being interested in Devil May Cry."

      Seriously? you're letting a character be a defining factor in the purchse of a game? not the gameplay?

      Anyhoo, the only reason this gameplay looks so good and not horribly disappointing because its them same old DMC gameplay we know and love right? And the only reason we were worried right was because this is a reboot with a new style by new developers right? In my opinion this just WORSENS the issue of Dante's upsetting change in looks, I mean if it sounds like DMC, smells like DMC, and plays like DMC, then why doesn't it look like DMC?

        "Seriously? you’re letting a character be a defining factor in the purchse of a game? not the gameplay?"

        That's the same way I feel about all the people whingeing about how he looks different now.

          dohohohoho I see what you did there.

          Although I never said that I'd refrain from purchasing DMC on the basis of the main characters looks. Of course what we're talking about here are two different things:
          One is where you should not let a character get in the way of something new to you. The other is where something established is changed for no reason and you show disdain.


          "I don't want that burger, there is s pickle in it!"
          "My favourite burger I ate for years, they've put pickles in it!"

    Gaiden May Cry? Ninja May Gaiden??? It might be fun...

    Well, to pre order, I may need to get some money from the ATM Automated Teller Machine

      Just pay via EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer: Point Of Sale

      hehe, that reminds me of how some people say "ATM machines".

        Or "PIN Number". Sure I'll enter my personal information number number.

    A Scythe!! LoL.. I think this will be a good game, given that I like Heavenly Sword.
    But seriously, dun use the name Devil May Cry. it's a different game...

      Yeah, when I watched it I thought it looked more like a Soul Eater game, which would be pretty cool now that I think about it.

    Metroid Other M looked good and played well but was a horrible game. If they don't step up the story and make the character likable, they'll just sink the franchise deeper than it already was

    Funny how many people always go on about how gameplay is the most important factor, yet want nothing to do with this because they changed his hair to black.

    How come nobody cared when they changed Dante into a woman last year?

      There are more problems than just Dante's new look. They've also changed him into a half-demon/half-angel in this one, so despite earlier claims it can't possibly be part of the DMC canon now.

      More importantly is that it's being made by Ninja Theory, who have a history of mediocre action games with unstable framerates and putting story before gameplay. When DMC has always been all about the extremely fast-paced gameplay, over the top style, and huge combos, none of this bodes well at all.

    Bayonetta is the current benchmark in fast-paced action games. I've tried going back to DmC and GoW but they just felt too slow for me. I'm afraid this game looks like it will be similar to the latter games.

    Bring on Bayonetta 2 I say.

    Don't care , cancel it, use money to make MML3.

    Deathnote: The game.

      There is a Death Note game its called Death Note: Kira Game on ds only in japan.
      Plus this DMC as soon as i saw they changed dante to this I was like WTF ruined.

    He looks like his attacks have no weight behind them, and those pistols looks absolutely impotent. Disappointing all 'round, methinks.

    *watches the trailer* ... wait a second *goes back and pauses it at 0:36* ... that's normal red coated, white haired bitchin' Dante. Dammit, now I have to get the game. I really hope this is just some WIP footage because there didn't seem to be any weight to the character when he was in the air *shrugs* all we can do is wait and see what Ninja Theory do with the game and just label it as non canon if it's that much of a worry

      My guess is it's one of the devil modes, better than nothing I guess... just a shame that outside of devil mode you're the underwhelming emo kid with peashooters.

        who smokes! If there's one thing that really irritates me about this game is that he smokes! The second thing is that I'm not quite sure how this Dante fits in with all the other games. I mean I know he's younger in this one, but how old? Dante was 16 in the 3rd game around early 20's in the 1st, mid to late 20's in the 2nd and early 30's in the fourth.
        They should've made him a different character in the dmc universe all together. He has attitude, but it's different.
        btw, I didn't see any "Cool", "Awesome" or other words there. Pity, I liked those.

          It's a reboot of the character so it doesn't fit in with established canon at all afaik.

    Not to sound like an arrogant douche... But as an absolute DMC freak since 2001, I've been so f**kin sceptical about this... Since seein some of the new concept art, I'm sold... Definitely lookin' forward to it now

    Well lets put it this way...

    you guys remember an interview with the character designer some time ago? He said Capcom practically ORDERED him to butcher Dante's look and to "shock them".

    So Capcom has a plan for this new look and for sure they knew it was going to be unpopular. So lets see what they intend to do instead of bashing it just yet.

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