If You Want To Stay Up Playing Xbox Games, Don't Snort Ritalin

A teenager from The Hutt Valley, New Zealand, was last week trying to stay up late playing his Xbox 360. Instead of doing what normal people do and drink a ton of coffee, he got smart and tried to snort some Ritalin.

Bad idea.

The boy, 15, was rushed to hospital "white as a sheet and hyperventilating" after taking the drug, which is normally prescribed for sufferers of things like ADHD and narcolepsy.

The boy's school is attempting to investigate how he got hold of the drug, as it's believed he bought it from a classmate, but can't really do much since neither the teen nor his father have been willing to identify themselves.

Boy bought Ritalin to stay awake and play XBox [TVNZ, via Game Politics]


    What do you expect from a country that allows year 12 students to write their exams in "text speak"?

      Wait what?! Is that true?

        Indeed it is.

          Broo is that srs?... I'm doing my fkn trial HSC now wtfffff!!! I get writers cramp after having to write like 15 pages in 2 hrs.

          I want to go to there...

          I don't believe you, can you show me some proof?

            Are people too lazy to google now?


            It came down to the fact that unless correct spelling, punctuation etc was absolutely required in an exam (e.g. English exam) then text speak and abbreviations were allowed.

              Missed a perfect opportunity for a LMGTFY.com link there.... http://tinyurl.com/3pp3yg4 ^_^

      While I agree with you that the 'txt spk' thing is ludicrous, I am quite happy to live in a nation where I can walk into any game retailer and purchase as many sweet sweet copies of Mortal Kombat as I please.

        Oooooh Burn. Good point though, it's not like the Australian education system is a bastion of intelligencia. For a laugh ask 100 public school graduates in Australia who the first Australian Prime Minister was.

        I've never understood the sibling like rivalry between Aussies and Kiwis. It's like we were scrounging around for someone to pick on and just chose our nearest english speakin neighbour.

          Skip asking them history questions. Ask most Australians the difference between you're, your and yore, or their, there, and there. The educational standards in this country are pathetic.

      As a current year thirteen student in New Zealand, I can assure you that this is not the case. There was something about it being discussed in the news several months ago, but part of the success criteria for any exam at year twelve level is to "Write fluently", and anybody who writes an essay in text speak will automatically not achieve.

    In theory the kid was on the right track, ritalin and cocaine are quite similar, ritalin isnt as potent but the effect lasts longer then cocaine.

    Still, the kid was stupid, it would have been more effective to just ingest it.

      Err you mean Meth/Speed not coke right? Since it's similar to methamphetamine y'know Crystal Meth/Ice.

      I've had a few friends tell me they did a few bumps of this shit in their uni days to stay awake and do assignments.

      I also have a mate on the shit & you know when he's off it, he gets really agitated lol. Kinda funny he took himself off it recently and oh lawdy.

    I wonder what game he wanted to play

      Kinectimals. That tiger cub's pretty scary when you're jacked up.

        I know this is wrong, but now you have me imagining playing that game while on acid. That would have to be one hell of a trip.

    its sad cos this kid is a drug addict in the making. at a tender age, he has began to use drugs and stimulants as a form of normal functionality. in the words of the great robert deniro, "thats how it starts"

    Way to go genius...

    Thing is that if he ingested it, he would have been fine... and probably plenty alert. Stick with coffee kid.

    Sissy! Ritalin is for pokeChumps, I shelve a handful of dexi's when I get my all-nite game on.

      Pfft Shelving is old hat...

      I listen to Dexys Midnight Runners to get jacked up, is that the same thing. I keep the CD on a shelf as well. Oh Too rye ayyyy.

    Blame it on GTA.

      You're right you know, blame the computer game for making him stay up all night on drugs.

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