If You Were A Video Game Console, Would You Be As Cool As Ellen?

"If you were a video game console, what would you be?" is not the sort of question one would expect to find on the Facebook page of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, yet here we are.

We might not be Ellen's demographic, but sometimes she really speaks our language. No wonder Portia de Rossi married the woman.

Incidentally, I'd be the Faheychild Channel F.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show [Facebook via GotGame]


    I consider that vandalism.

      Are you angry because she won 'Australia's Got Talent' this year?

    Too easy when your name is Ben. Bentendo, Ninbendo....

    I'd like to think of myself as the Capcom Power System Changer. I still love cracking out those old side scrolling games from Capcom's glory days.

    Super Milbo Entertainment System.

    Sega Milbosystem II.

    Milbox 360?

    I'd be a portable, just so that when i felt like it, i could shave off a little weight and call myself Scruffy Lite.

    I'd be some variant on a Neo Geo AES. 16-Bit to the core, loads of fighting games, full of class and too expensive for most.

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