I’m Going On Holiday! Meet My Replacement…

I’m Going On Holiday! Meet My Replacement…

I’m Going On Holiday! Meet My Replacement…For the month of September, I will be making a pilgramage back to the motherland, to Scotland, to make battle with Sean Connery, Andy Murray, and Ewan McGregor for the prize of most Scottish man in Scotland. [Disclaimer: this is a complete lie – I’m going home for a holiday, but if said competition did exist, Susan Boyle would win] . But what about Kotaku, I hear you scream?

Thankfully I’ve found someone to look after the site when I’m gone…

Making this decision was difficult. My first instinct was to hire someone dreadful to make me look good, so I could come in, save the day and have everyone love me. Stupidly, I’ve made the mistake of asking someone really competent and amazing.

She will crush me. She will crush us all.

Her name is Tracey Lien. So I’ll hand it over to her to introduce herself!

— Hello everyone!

You may remember me from posts such as my investigation into the collapse of Red Ant, my gum-flapping on ABC TV’s Good Game, or from my time as an intern back in 2009. Well, after spending two years recovering from the trauma inflicted on me by an editor whose name rhymes with Shmavid Smildshmoose, freelancing around the globe, and rolling around in France, I’m stepping up to fill a big pair of Scottish shoes for a month!

In the lead-up to his departure, Mark will be spending a lot of time ironing his many kilts, so I’ll be helping out until then. I look forward to continuing Kotaku’s regular posts, bringing some of my own ideas to the table, and developing an addiction to Pepsi Max hearing your feedback!

Oh, and because one should never turn up to a party without bringing a gift, I have baked you all a cake!

I’m Going On Holiday! Meet My Replacement…


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