I'm Predicting Nintendo Will Never Make An iPhone Game

Watch me, Stephen Totilo (right), chatting with Times Techland's Evan Narcisse about the future fate of Nintendo.

This is a half-hour chat done in video splitscreen, so you can watch me do my best to be a talking head. (I was sporting my telemarketer look; Evan was doing the Lobot.) I couldn't get the embed to work, so go to Techheads.tv and watch me and Evan prognosticate. Will Nintendo ever make games for the iPhone? No, I say. (That Pokémon app doesn't count.)

TechHeads.tv: The Legend of Nintendo


    Wow, what a stretch of imagination to think that. Sony making games for xbox or vice versa? Silly.

    I would LOVE everyone to suddenly go multi-format. In fact, just create one single console format. Then everyone can manufacture hardware - Sony can make a version, Panasonic can get in on it - hell, Sega could even make their own and brand it as the Dreamcast 2! Just so long as all games coming out could be played on this hardware.

    Why? Well, why not? Imagine how much this would help the games industry. People new to it wouldn't be confused over which to go for - PS3, 360, Wii... they'd all be the same. The amount of sales would increase loads. Prices of software, I'd imagine, would come down. Competition in the industry would increase (imagine LittleBig Planet directly against the Mario series, or Halo directly against Killzone). The time and money to develop titles would be reduced - only one version needed!

    So... how about it Nintendo? The fact that a lot of your investors seem to want it is a good sign, but I'm predicting they won't unless everything becomes single-format anyway.

      What of innovation then? Or even competitive pricing?

      If we had one console then they could charge whatever the hell they want for it because hey, deal with it there's only one console. The PS3 keeps the 360 price down which keeps the PS3 price down.

      If you have Sony/Panasonic/Sega all making their own version of the exact same hardware, sure that'd keep prices down intially but then they'll come to a point where they can't undercut the others anymore without losing money, so how do the people over a Panasonic make consumers choose their "exact same hardware" console over Sony or Segas? Simple, change the hardware to give it a competitive edge.

      Anyway if it was all one hardware the amount of innovation would decrease dramatically, I'm sure if Nintendo were the only ones in the hardware market we'd never have seen the likes of the DS or the Wii because they wouldn't have needed that difference and competitive edge over the other consoles.

      Competition keeps companies in check.

        What companies do we care more about - software or hardware?

        This could only be a good thing for those producing software - only one version of, say, the next Final Fantasy is required, and it plays on everything! Furthermore, Nintendo will have to try harder with the next Zelda as it's now in direct competition with Final Fantasy (obviously they're not quite the same kind of game, but you see what I mean).

        As for competition in hardware, each can still offer their own online solution, price and build/picture/sound quality. Much like regular DVD players. A person may choose a Sony game player and it'd be great with a good online service, build/picture/sound quality. They may choose a Panasonic and not get the same quality (maybe the components they used for the ethernet connection aren't as good).

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