Imagine A World Of Battleships (Minus Kevin Costner)

From the maker of World of Tanks comes World of Battleships, a free-to-play PC game that will allow players to smack each other around using giant action battleships. Although there are few details on release dates, my gut is telling me we'll see this sooner than later with the same sort of approachable gameplay that World of Tanks and World of Warplanes brings to the table.

Not bad timing to match up with the ridiculously silly (but sort of intriguing) Battleship movie.


    Always the Pacific when it comes to battleships isn't it? Why cant they get the Kreigsmarine and Royal Navy into it?

    I'll stick with Navy Field thanks

    Look again. Quite a few of those ships are British.

    At this rate I wonder how long until we just see an integrated "World of War" MMO where tanks, warplanes and battleships are some of the available 'classes' :p

    Perhaps they'll eventually attempt the idea I was discussing with a friend recently of a Cannon Fodder inspired MMO where a player controls a squad instead of an individual, and leveling increases the number of men as well as providing points to allocate towards weapon loadouts and equipment.

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