In Crystal Meth Wonderland You Can Play Rage With A Light Gun

Dealing with the guilt of shooting someone in the head, Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman winds down with the special light gun version of id Software's Rage.

AMC's breaking bad is pulling in the gaming sponsors left and right, so Jesse and friends have developed quite the video game habit lately. First they talked Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil, and now Jesse's got his own special version of Rage, played with a special light gun with what seems to be a built-in recoil.

Now that's immersion! Mix in some randomly flashing coloured lights and you've got the loneliest gamer rave ever.

Breaking Bad [AMC -- Thanks king_e_dawg!]



    Awesome show, but anybody with half a brain knows that scene is absurd. :P

    Spoiler warning?

    They kind of left that hanging at the end of season 3, it was never clear whether he actually shot the guy or not. So I guess he did.

      Meh, if you actually cared about being spoiled you would have watched the fourth season by now, it's been out for ages.

      Hahaha spoiler warning: how about watching season 4?

    The series creator said a while ago that the end of season 3 was not supposed to be ambiguous. He "spoiled" the ending himself like 6 months ago.

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