In Japan, Deux Ex Is Sexual Object Free

When Western games are released in Japan, it's not uncommon for the more graphic elements to end up on the cutting room floor. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is no exception.

According to Square Enix, the Japanese version will have one cutscene modified because it shows a character's internal organs. In an area of the game, there's a "sexual object", which will be removed in the Japanese version.

These are the two major edits, and Square Enix notes that they fall in line with the Japanese rating agency.

While Japanese movies can be racy and outrageous, Japanese games are subjected to far stricter regulations, because video games and video game consoles have traditionally been sold in toy stores in Japan.

PC-only games are subjected to different ratings than console titles and can (and do) feature far more explicit content.

重要なお知らせ [Square Enix via Siliconera]


    hmmm this doesn't sound like anything to do with strictor game regs. It sounds like the 'sexual object' is phallic in nature, which for whatever reason is censored in any Japanese media, even their porn.


    Japan doesn't have them.

    You know, just throwing this theory out there, but maybe if they let them see sexual objects in media they wouldn't have the highest instance of random public groping for any country in the world.

    Japan, hypocritical much?
    Oh, the atrocities I have seen in h-games...

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