Interested In The DOTA 2 Beta?

There is a DOTA 2 tournament going on at gamescom this year, and you can check out the livestream here - but what if you want to play the bloody game? Well, turns out there's a beta!

Applying for access to the beta is simple - head to the official DOTA 2 site and simply sign in with your Steam Account.

There is no official date for the beta as of now, but I've just applied and was told I'd be contacted with info about my "status" as Valve get closer to the BETA. Which I'm guessing is a roundabout way of saying, we'll let you know if you've successfully got into the beta at a later date.


    *sigh* the more i want to play pc games the more i can't with my STUPID ARSE LAPTOP!

      Got a spare $1200 Chuloopa? can get a decent gaming rig for it. Alternatively I'm looking to sell mine for upgrade :P

    Why do I always manage to forget my Steam login?

      Now I remember!

      /signs up

      Annoyingly, I always get my Steam login wrong the first few times and have to deal with the Captchas. I may be human, but those things are a pain in the rectal cavity.

    Thanks for the heads up. Never played DOTA before, but I registered anyway. Nothing like a n00b for the vets to troll into submission.

      Concidering they're trying to make it less 'anti-newb' you'll probably enjoy some of the new stuff they talked about adding, such as coaching and training modes and the like.

    Fuck yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

      Took 5 whole comments before your kind showed up, the "my-game-is-better-than-your-game" crowd

      Stealth plug for your website?


    In other news: Water is Wet.

    ...Does DOTA even stand for anything? In all the years I've heard the (supposed?) acronym thrown around the place, I still have no idea at all what on earth it is/stands for.

      Defence of the Ancients, though apparently it doesn't in dota 2 sure to copyright.

        In other news, I signed up as soon as I could. I've been playing dota on and off for years. I'll be tuning in tonight to watch the live broadcasts too. I font know who I want to win more, MYM or

    Denfence of the Ancients. Btw, 1 million dollars is like pissing in everyone's faces.

    How to register? :S

    Hey Mark, both links currently lead to the livestream, can't find the beta sign up page at all!

      Yeah, had the same issue. This is the link you want, just copy-paste it.

        I click Login but it just keeps reloading the same page asking me to login as my selected account again?

          Having the same problem too.

          High traffic maybe?

    Is the current tournament the one with the 1 mil jackpot? If it is, it's awfully strange they'd release a beta AFTER the first tournament, especially with such a large reward.

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