Is Another Game Being Kicked Away From The 3DS?

When the Nintendo 3DS launched, Pro Evolution Soccer, or World Soccer Winning Eleven as it’s known in Japan, launched along with it.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 was one of launch titles for Japan. According to a retail site Famicom Plaza, the game’s new version, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 has release dates for its PS3 version (October 6), its PS2 version (November 3), the PSP version (November 11), and the Wii version (November 3).

According to Famicom Plaza, the release date for the 3DS version has not yet been decided. If this is true, Pro Evo 2012 would join a long, and growing, list of 3DS titles that have either been delayed or cancelled outright.

These dates haven’t been officially released yet, and Kotaku is following up with Konami and will update this post should the company comment.

(Top photo: Konami)


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