Is Nintendo Working On A Redesigned 3DS?

Is Nintendo Working On A Redesigned 3DS?

Nintendo’s already slashed the 3DS’s price tag, but, according to new rumours, that’s not the only thing the Kyoto-based game maker is planning on slashing.

According to French website 01Net, insiders said that Nintendo is prepping an entirely new 3DS model that “radically tones down” the handheld’s 3D, and it could even be an entirely new rebranding for the portable. This means that the recent price cut could have been a way for retailers to clear excess 3DS stock to make way for the new iteration.

Not exactly how you could “radically tone down” the 3DS more than you can now, considering how the feature can be toned, er turned, off. Nintendo would have to give the 3DS a new name or drop the feature altogether; not so sure about that last bit, especially because companies continue to announce 3D games, Nintendo included.

What’s more, Nintendo is apparently planning a detachable second analogue stick for the current 3DS that will retain for “about $US10”, which sounds a bit underpriced and rather odd.

Website Eurogamer pointed out that as crazy as some of these rumours sound 01Net apparently did break both the Wii U and the PS Vita’s specs before they were confirmed.

Today, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo is holding a pre-Tokyo Game Show event on September 13, which sent the company’s stock skyrocketing. Nintendo used the 2005 Tokyo Game Show keynote, a show it didn’t actually attend, to reveal the Wii Remote.

This have been difficult of late for the gaming giant. Nintendo has hit its PlayStation 3 moment with the 3DS, and the company is executing a drastic plan b. The PS3 was about to pull through early difficulties. But will the 3DS?

Kotaku is following up with Nintendo and will update this post should the company comment.

Nintendo, l’envers du décor : confidences d’un employé de Big N [01Net via Eurogamer]

(Top photo: Shizuo Kambayashi | AP)


  • Huh, beyond happy I held off and didn’t rush out and get the latest and greatest Nintendo errr, stock clearance item?

    On reflection if they gave you one of those girls that were attached to it at E3 it probably would have sold better.

  • I don’t like the idea of Nintendo just cancelling the 3DS like a failed sitcom. The company knew they were entering the 3D market in its absolute infancy, it was their job to convince us that portable 3D gaming was something worth investing in.

    They need to let the market grow, not just give up because the 3DS didn’t fly off shelves.

    Plus, I don’t even think the 3D is the reason people aren’t buying this thing. When I’ve spoken with people that want to get one at some point, 95% of the time they are holding out for better games, not better 3D.

    • “it was their job to convince us that portable 3D gaming was something worth investing in.”

      Maybe they’ve finally figured out that it was NOT actually something worth investing in.

    • Damn right, you just named the one main reason I didnt buy, followed by lack of games, crap battery, flimsy build quality, poor 3D, no second analog etc, mostly region lock though…

    • Pokemon Yoshi: Zelda Fox Kart is going to be one hell of a game.

      Seriously Nintendo, the 3ds isn’t a bad console, it’s just the 3d part has no library. Unless your next console introduces holo-net gaming, in which case carry on.

  • I knew i should have held out for the redesign. I bought it on a impuls, and there are alot of little things in the design that irritate me. Like the placement of the start/select/home button (or the type of button they are), and that freakin edge around the buttom screen that seems to cause moisture around the top screen.
    And you know, bring out games that people want, or better yet, games that are good.

  • I hope a second iteration is coming sooner rather than later, and I sincerely hope they drop that region locking crap.

  • I bought a DS when they released the “lite” version. I just assumed there would be a redesign for the 3DS too, and figure I’ll hold off for that. I’m just surprised rumours are starting so soon.

    • Despite nintendo stating no lite version was being developed, i have no faith in anything they say when it comes to me giving them my money.

  • Now with speed holes?????

    Seriously its design was not the issue as others have said above. Perhaps if they release something other than Super mario 76 or Zelda 85 (as in the 76th and 85 iteration of the franchise respectively) then perhaps they’d have some hope of getting this off the ground…

  • An attachable second analogue stick makes no sense. The only location for it is below the abxy buttons, and the only communication methods with the rest of the system are wifi (a bit of a complicated solution) or infra-red (which is on the opposite side of the handheld entirely).

    • Something tells me it’d be more like a plastic/rubber nub that fits over top of the ‘ABXY’ buttons…

      • Analog sticks allow for 360 degrees of motion control. Placing a fitting over the “ABXY” buttons would be no different to a cross pad (allowing up to a maximum of 8 directions)

        • I’m well aware of the difference… but from the way it was described as an ‘add-on’ and costing that cheap… I’m gonna go ahead and assume the worst/lamest possibility 😛

  • Ninty should have listen to consumer, like adding a 2nd analog and remove region before they even release 3DS.

    On the other hand, 3DS without 3D will also fail, because PSV is just so much more powerful, and it virtually can do everything “no 3D” 3DS can do and more.

  • Guys… This is the same website who reported the vita ram reduction rumor that was fake. This is fake and just another no news article. Zzz

  • It doesn’t really need a 2nd analogue stick, camera controls or aiming can be done with the touchscreen. Plus how will the 3DS close if it has some stupid attachment slapped on there? Do we take it off and lose it? Is it attached by a strap? How will it communicate with the system?

    The 3DS hardware itself is fine (maybe release a higher capacity battery), they could downplay the need for 3D and just spruik it as a cool optional extra, then get some bloody games for the thing.

    I got burned with the GBA when they announced the backlit model, typical Nintendo will probably do it again. Maybe this time I’ll learn my lesson.

  • Wow they are really making a mess of this. Just give us some games, a console/handheld needs games for people to want to buy it. Getting rid of the stupid region locking would help too

  • Why Nintendo? People aren’t buying it because there are no games.. release some new and awesome games, not rehashes of rehashes..

  • It’s all been said but yes.

    Nintendo updates the firmware to remove region-locking and announces even 3 or 4 awesome new titles and bang. 3DS is a must have again.

  • Ah -_- really? i thought the nintendo 3DS name was actually good if they change it, bad things will happen..

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