Is The Zelda Symphony Orchestra Coming To Australia?

When Nintendo announced a Symphony Concert Tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda, I personally held very little hope that the tour would come to Australia, and that was backed up by the fact that only dates in LA and London have been announced so far. But some great undercover HTML work by Vooks has noted that an Australian date for the tour may be on the cards.

The source is this image - a reference to the concert in the official Australian Nintendo website.

It's worth noting that this could just be placeholder code in the event that Nintendo do announce a date in Australia, but at the very least it shows that an event here in Australia could be a possibility.

Here's hoping.

Zelda Symphony Concert might play in Australia after all [Vooks]


    The Final Fantasy concert this year happened in the Sydney Opera House. Hopefully the Zelda Symphony will play here in Melbourne for a change.

    Of course we wouldn't have the Symphony Orchestra here, everyone knows we don't have a building to house such an amazing thing, everyone knows we don't have say a Global landmark in say Sydney on the harbor that could host this......

    *shakes head*

      Yeah well what's the Sydney Op.....


      We don't. We have a Sydney Opera House. There isn't any Sydney Symphony Orchestra House.

      Besides, we need it in Melbourne more.

        But almost every major Nintendo related even occurs in Melbourne, why not give Sydney some Nintendo love? :P That said no matter where it is in Aus (if it does come here) I'll be there :D

          Melbourne hasn't really had any Nintendo events. I should know as I live there and I'm signed up to the mailing list. I would prefer it comes to Melbourne, it would be awesome. If it's in Sydney I can't go...

    Video Games Live is coming to Australia next year -

    Was supposed to be November this year, but dates got pushed back :|

      Oh snaps, there's a Perth slot there. Awesome! :D

    Why not have it in Perth, I just looked at our calendar of events. Had to dig it out of the bottom of drawer and apart from thing called 'Christmas', we have nothing on.

    They said it was weird to see Times Square empty and the streets of New York. Pff, you haven't been to Perth.

    Please come to Perth (who am I kidding right?)

    I hope they do come here... The Final Fantasy convert was AMAZING!

    Which proves the aussies can handle it :)

    The chances of this coming to Adelaide.....

      Zero :/ would freak out though if Adelaide does get.

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