Is This The First Competitive Gamer To Endorse A Laxative?

Is This The First Competitive Gamer To Endorse A Laxative?

Kayo Satoh is not only a very talent fighting game player, she’s also a model. Kayo, who fights under the moniker “KayoPolice”, recently appeared at the Evo 2011 fighting championship.

Lots of models say they like video games, and some are pretty good. But Kayo isn’t just a good player, she’s great, taking down the likes of Daigo Umehara.

In the gaming world, Daigo Umehara might be famous. But to the general Japanese public, he’s largely unknown.

Kayo Satoh, however, is famous — mainstream famous, appearing on some of the biggest primetime variety shows and releasing a photobook.

And while most people in Japan are aware that she was born as a male, they might not know she’s a competitive gamer.

Satoh even endorses this diet supplement to help with bowel movements. It’s aimed at young Japanese women who want to eat a lot and then, ahem, a lot. A top fight Street Fighter player endorsing laxative? That must be a competitive gaming first.

(Top photo: Brian Ashcraft | Kotaku)



    What does it take to get fired from this site? Is bashcraft Crecente’s little buddy or something?

      • It isn’t relative at all mate. Brian Ashcraft has been writing terrible articles that have no relevance to gaming for months now and almost all of the readers I have seen comments from/had contact with think he should be fired.

        Just because this lady has a background in gaming does not mean every single thing she does which is not relevant should be posted on a website like Kotaku.

        You will also notice that Brian Ashcraft almost exclusively posts things that involve Japan, I’ve probably seen maybe two articles this year from him that DON’T involve Japan. He is the very definition of Wee-a-boo, obsessed with a culture that is not his own.

        He should have been fired quite some time ago but the vibe I’m getting is that the team of Kotaku Australia is a tight knit one and the head-editor or whatever his position is probably doesn’t want to cause any turmoil..

        But yeah, please, get rid of Bashcraft.

      • Terry Kennedy / do you think the web filter and R18+ are going to ejiackhd by the moral majority? are special interest groups going to drown out reasonable argument with their clamour. Do the religious have the pollies ears on this one to save the children from the demonic techos. Are we all wasting our time?

  • Never had a problem with articles from Japan, just never spoke up. Don’t assume no comment = hate dude.

    Maybe make a seperate blog? I dunno.

    • I wasn’t assuming no comment = hate

      I’m assuming that from the huuuugee lists of comments pointing out the flaws I did among many, many more that readers of this site generally do not enjoy Brian Ashcraft’s articles. In fact they serve to agitate the (vocal) majority because they are constantly not relevant to gaming and always seem to have something about Japan in them. Like 98% of the time.

      You only need to go look through his article’s comments to see how disliked he is on this website.

  • I am an avid Fighting gamer. This article interests me.

    If you don’t like it… don’t read it. It’s a small 30sec read. Move on.

    Thank-you, Mr. Brian Ashcraft. Look forward to more minute news in the future.

  • I was bewildered, and confused, but ultimately intrigued. Interesting story. I quite enjoy reading the little tidbits of Japanese wonder that appear on Kotaku.

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