Is Valve Releasing A New Counter-Strike Game?

Is Valve Releasing A New Counter-Strike Game?

Out of nowhere, there’s rumours flying around tonight that Valve is on the cusp of revealing a new game.

It’s not Episode 3, but for many, it will be the next best thing: a new Counter-Strike game.

Most of the chit-chat so far is based around testers (and eSports commentators) having very recently got some hands-on time with the rumoured project at Valve HQ.

Its full name is supposedly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and is due out in Q1 2012. Some of the changes it would be making to the series’ tried and tested formula would be new guns, new grenades, revamped maps and free ammo.

Oh, and the fact it’ll be running on an updated version of Valve’s Source Engine.

We’ve contacted Valve for more info, and will update if we hear back.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [ESEA News]


  • Wooooo , there goes my last remaining free time between HON games and LFD2 custom maps!
    Damn you pile of shame!
    Though i’m going to play some more Limbo tonight, that game has atmosphere like no other.

  • Good news for PC gamers who are still boycotting Modern Warfare and now refuse to buy BF3 due to mandatory Origin.

    And by releasing a new Counter-strike now, Valve keeps their community happy for what, another 13 years?

    • Though I’m not sure if CS is really in competition with those titles. It comes from a time before it was all about being super realistic.

      I’m actually kind of surprised that they would release a new one, I always felt like CS got boiled down to exactly what you want in that style FPS game, and if there’s any more you wish for there are the mods. I guess a graphics update is always nice though.

    • But the new counter strkie will need a madatory program, and be only avalible to buy in 1 place, wich are the two big things that people don’t like about BF3…… So, if you get this, your being a dick.

      • There is a slight difference.

        EA treat their customers like idiots and often use DLC as a way to with hold parts of the game for cash.

        Valve honestly love their customers and give countless after release content updates away for free.

        • The only difference between EA and Valve is that Valve is a privet company and EA is not. After that, there both trying to sell you stuff. And I think Valve is worse on the DLC front. I mean, 10 bucks for a TF2 hat? That is fucked, and anyone who actually buys them is getting sucked in to Valves system.

          There as bad as each other, and if you can’t see that, then your just another blind sheep to the ever-growing list of the ‘Valves blind follows’ list.
          Always criticise, always debit, always question.

  • I spat my coffee and laughed when I saw your comment.

    Q: Will all my hard earned TF2 hats be usable? If not I will cry (tears of joy).

    More importantly where is my next chapter for Half-Life?

  • As much as a big deal this is to millions of people I will still be peed off at Valve if they announce this before announce Half Life 3/Episode 3

  • I think I speak for everybody who plays CS…

    …Actually probably not, I speak for myself when I say….


      • I play CSS but to be fair CSS has some major problems. I’m not sure if they’re in 1.6 but they’ve been pointed out numerous times and haven’t been fixed.

        Two major problems:
        – You can shoot around a corner if you shoot right next to the corner,
        – The Awp is majorly overpowered.

        Those two problems combined make the game frustrating, and they aren’t the only ones.

        So I hope this one is more balanced than CSS.

        • AWPS have always been like that. I think they just need to be made more expensive to even it out. Like, make it the same amount as the LMG they have in it, and it should be fine.

  • It seems likely that the next Valve game after DOTA 2 will debut their successor to the Source engine. CS and HL are the only two franchises that could fulfil that role.

    If these rumours have substance, I don’t think HL fans should freak out too much, since CS:S came out about two weeks before HL2. I realise that was 7 years ago now, but it’s still something to keep in mind. Besides, HL3 testing probably doesn’t require external testing, so you wouldn’t see tweets like this.

  • I always thought that Valve would bring out Half Life 3 and the next Counter-Strike at the same time in one sweet package 🙂 Thats why they’re taking a while making the next Half Life game

  • this cant be the “project” the sound recordist went to do? (you know the one who does the voice of GLaDOS and the announcer?)

    unless its got female terrorists?

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