Is World Of Warcraft Taking Giant Man-Pandas A Little More Seriously?

With Blizzcon only a few months away, a trademark filing has surfaced hinting at what could well be the last big hurrah for the ageing MMO.

Dated from last week in the US, it's for something called Mists of Pandaria, its intention listed as:

Computer game software; computer game discs; computer game software and related instruction manuals and guides sold together as a unit; downloadable computer game software; computer game software downloadable from a global computer network; downloadable electronic games via the internet and wireless devices; interactive multimedia computer game program; mousepads

Now, it could be anything. A joke website, for example, given the Pandaren (giant man-like Pandas) are essentially a joke race in World of Warcraft canon. Or a range of Pandaren mousepads.

But with World of Warcraft finally showing signs of slowing down, and with the only real bursts of life left in it the release of big patches and expansion packs, bringing the realm of the Pandaren to life would be a cute gesture for fans of the colossal game.

Mists of Pandaria ?! [MMO Champion]

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    Personally I think saying it'll be the "Last big hurrah" is a bit drastic.

    To be specific, they did originate as a joke (Check Warcraft 3, and notice the panda faces on the Demon Hunter heros glaves) but they aren't a 'joke race', as from Warcraft 3 they became a legitimate race with real lore and their own hero units (Pandarian Brewmaster)

    Also, if the leaked Blizzard Development Timeline is correct (which so far has been accurate with the dates for WoW in Brazil) there's 2 more expacs on the way, most likely at +5 levels a piece to have the level cap at the end of Level 100.



      One of those would have to be +10 levels.

      Current Level cap: 85.

        Sorry, meant 2 more _after_ Pandaria.

    If they make Pandaren a playable race, I will renew my subscription in a second.
    A joke race? Maybe.
    A loved one? For sure!

    Panda's the Newest race?

    the link you put up to mmo champion links me back to THIS page

    Mists of Pandaria ?! >>> javascript:history.go(0)

    Pandaren are cool and all but it's gonna take a lot more than that to make WoW a properly balanced game again. Hell, since they released BC every major change has been in favour of gear over skill because Blizzard love to favour the no-lifers.

    World of warcraft, is still the best game around.

    The number of gaming-hours WoW has "taken" from other games is incalculable. I quit before BC and never looked back - grinding for gear has never been fun, and extra-shiny bits don't make it any funner.

    Having said that, would be damn cool to see Pandaren in WoW.

    My interest/playtime in WoW has decreased since Cata and i think if these are finally introduced into the game i think that may push me to cancel the account.

    Pandas are great, but if I don't have an appearance tab in WoW before guild wars 2 comes out...I'm done.

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