It's All 151 Original Pokémon. As Cats.

Pokémon and cats. They're two of the cornerstones of the internet. And here they are, together in a gif for the ages.

This masterpiece was put together by Chris Torres, creator of the soul-destroying Nyan Cat, and features all 151 of the original Pokémon. As cats.

This is a small version; you can check it out in all its glory (and download a template of it to mess around with it yourself) at the link below.

Pokecats! [LOL-Comics]


    This is a thing of great beauty



    Some people have too much time lol

    Needs moar Ponies.

    A site called "Burn the internet" did this ages ago, and is still continuing to make Pokemon into cats. Still, this is good :D

    Eh. You haven't seen moemon.

    They turn all 151 pokemon... into little girls.

      Oh, and just found the secret comic;

      Scroll down to the middle of the page and above the comments where it say "I First Previous Random Latest I" rapidly click the empty space between "I" and "First" and it should appear.

      It's Ash 'Cat'chum!

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