It's Day Two Of The Half-Life 2: Episode Three Protest

Hey, Hey, Mister Gabe, How Many Games Did You Make Today? The grass-roots protest outside Valve headquarters, demanding the completion of Half-Life 2: Episode Three, is not going away.

Sure Mr. Newell, it was cute when you showed up yesterday to pat their youthful idealism on the head and explain how the real world works, but that came off like Nixon talking football with Vietnam War demonstrators at the White House. Look man, they're serious. They're 18, man, they're old enough to carry a rifle, they want their game.

Imagine what happens if this sit-in is successful. The conversation of three generations at a Thanksgiving table, not far in the future:

"What'd you do in college, granddad?"

"Stopped a war."

"What about you, dad?"

"Got a video game published."

[h/t Travis]


    I'm there in spirit.

    Though if i ws gabe I would go out and give them a free hat each.

      One of those weird hats that looks like a headcrab ideally.

        The guy on the right is already wearing a headcrab.

          Nah, that's just his head lice.

            Yeah I've heard you can catch them if Gabe touches you.

    I'd hire these guys to do the press release when he finally decides to confirm the next game.

    So, rather then allowing them time to develope the game and make a successful and well remembered third part to the third sequel, they want it rushed out, full of bugs and glitches and plotholes you can drive a Strider through?

      I know they don't want that. I think they are just some eager fans that would love some information, anything at all, about their favourite gaming series.

      It's a tongue in cheek protest and I think it's in good spirits.

        yeah i dont want it rushed but i want some info.

        It's getting to the point that they may as well just start HL3.

        which was the whole point of the episodes that it wouldn't have 5-8 year gaps

          A lot of people believe that Ep 3's been canned for HL3.

      Rushed out? people have been waiting the better part of decade and still zilch. Mean while their cast of voice actors return the earth for whence they came (aka die).

      Time to develop the game? So far there hasn't even been any confirmation that they are working on it. For all we know they have left the Half Life franchise behind and will never make another game in that series. It has been so long now that to think they have moved on wouldn't be hard.

      I personally don't think they would do that, that they will come back to it someday. These guys are just asking that they start making it if they haven't, and if they have then please put some more effort into it because clearly they haven't made it their highest priority.

        It is one of the most famous IP's in the gaming business. It built Valve into the company it is today, there is no way it will die.

        I suspect/guess they are developing something really special, Half-Life 2 was a massive jump in terms of tech, I think the will do the same again.

        I'd rather it be this was then like COD, where every 12 months you get an increment installment.

        But I do agree, it is frustrating as a fan.

          True, I'm sure it will get continued. I imagine they have probably had a few guys working on ideas on and off ever since the end of episode 2. The problem is that publicly they have never said that.

          I think they could at the least say that something will be coming, or that they are working on it, or even just that they are working on a new engine for what could possibly be episode 3/half life 3. I have faith that something is coming, I just wish they would give some communication to the fans to acknowledge them.

      Hell yeah... who cares about bugs when you can drive a mutha(beep) strider!!!

    Is it just me or do the signs sound like they're asking for Half Life 3, instead of HL2 Episode 3?

    I still don't understand the fixation with Episode 3 though, maybe it's just me.

      The three part add-ons to Half-Life 2 is Half-Life 3.

    Awww man, I'd so be there.

    Wow. Imagine what these idiots could do if they actually put their time into something useful.

      Like posting on an internet gaming forum, perhaps? :p

      Personally I'm as keen as anyone for Ep3, but I fall firmly in the camp of 'when it's out, it's out' because I want it to be as good as possible. There's plenty of stuff to play in the meantime. Heck, people keep telling me Bioshock 2 actually gets good after the first 3 hours, so maybe I should do that...

        Owned! : )

      Like develop a game that doesn't involve hats? Oh wait you meant the Canadians...?

    One day I'll finish HL2, then maybe Episode One. If I CBF.

    BRB Minecraft

    Of course Valve will make Half Life 3. Portal 1 & 2 have already alluded to that with that conference room in Portal 1 with the Black Mesa insignia being displayed on the wall through the projector, and also in Portal 2 in the old underground Aperture labs where the prerecorded com system talks about Black Mesa stealing Apertures work and using it for themselves...

      You mean all the hints that refer to Black Mesa before Gordon Freeman arrives? We already know they were dong stuff with teleportation, so all it does it just link Apeture to the HL Universe, not actually hinting at anything.

    If they were really, truly serious, I'd be worried about their sanity. As it is, they're just physically acting out what we've all been doing since Episode 2's cliffhanger ending... waiting. Patiently and attentively.

    My guess? News at the end of the year for a 2012 release, hopefully mid year. This whole DOTA thing... it seems like a decoy...

    Tomorrow I hear they are bringing in a watercannon to smash this before it turns into another London. The one on the end looks like he might get violent and second.

    Valve can't count to 3, remember?

    Unless they have smartphones they probably don't even realize that the new counter strike was announced today, silly buggers :P

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