It’s Day Two Of The Half-Life 2: Episode Three Protest

Hey, Hey, Mister Gabe, How Many Games Did You Make Today? The grass-roots protest outside Valve headquarters, demanding the completion of Half-Life 2: Episode Three, is not going away.

Sure Mr. Newell, it was cute when you showed up yesterday to pat their youthful idealism on the head and explain how the real world works, but that came off like Nixon talking football with Vietnam War demonstrators at the White House. Look man, they’re serious. They’re 18, man, they’re old enough to carry a rifle, they want their game.

Imagine what happens if this sit-in is successful. The conversation of three generations at a Thanksgiving table, not far in the future:

“What’d you do in college, granddad?”

“Stopped a war.”

“What about you, dad?”

“Got a video game published.”

[h/t Travis]

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