It’s Moogle Magic Time In Final Fantasy XIII-2

It’s Moogle Magic Time In Final Fantasy XIII-2

As far as I’m concerned it’s always Moogle time, but the phrase takes on new meaning in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

When a monster appears on the playfield in Final Fantasy XIII-2 a Mog Clock pops up on the screen, granting the player various bonuses based on how long it takes them to make contact with the enemy. You can see examples of the Mog Clock in action in the screenshots above, as well as some of the Moogle-related fun that occurs outside of battle. Looks like we get to toss Moogles about like adorable little footballs, something I approve of wholeheartedly.


  • I am reeeeeeeeally hoping that they get it right this time. No pre-orders for me though.

    Speaking of getting it right, I can understand why SE won’t re-make FF7. Why don’t they jusr make FF7-2? For the pre-order they could bundle it up with Crisis Core, Advent Children and the original (if I never hear the words Surge of Durrh-beruss again I will be a happy chappy!).

  • All these FFs are a blur, From FF11 to this, they are all the same.
    The Graphics shown aren’t really that impressive. an FF8 remake is not yet possible.

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