It's Saints On A Plane In Saints Row: The Third's Freefalling Mission

Saints Row has never been about subtlety and the third instalment is no exception. In fact, the amount of wacky action is being pushed past xXx levels. In the newest gameplay video the saints are taken captive aboard a jet. After a few threats, shoots ensue, both in the plane and falling from the sky. You want stupid ridiculous action? Why not fall through a plane just to shoot a few bad guys? Why not indeed.


    hahahaha! that was awesome :D
    just bought part 2 though so it'll be a while before i get to this one.

    Truly ridiculous, looks like lots of fun though

    Obviously inspired by "Shoot Em Up", which was inspired itself by every shooting video game and movie out there, kind of existential really, and in no way is that a bad thing :D :D

    love the soundtrack

    johnny gat looks awesome but why'd they give shaundi a butterface?

    yes most importantly the gameplay and cutscenes looked so fun.

    just wish the music was better.

    Man so anxious for this, even pulled out the SR2 for anohter play

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