It's The New Counter-Strike's Debut Trailer


    No, Cross-Platform means people on PS3/Xbox can play against people on PC!

      No, Cross-Platform means people on PS3 can play against people on PC!

      Not X360.

        No, I feel strongly about this! Wait. Yes!

    Looks alright. But good to know that the Source engine can still hold its own, something I've been concerned about for a while.

    Is that for mobile? that screenshot looks terrible.

      Troll or just ridiculously stupid?

      You be the judge.

        Franz is correct, and you've got rose coloured glasses on.

          It's not a screenshot dumpass.

            Bravo captain idiot

    This game looks amazing!!!...

    like 8 years ago.

      Agreed, it's not very impressive.

        Seconded - but having never played CS - I'm willing to give the demo a go when it comes out - who knows it might be good (looks a little like COD4 to be honest)

    I just hope it's really a Counter Strike game and not Call of Strike, Global Duty. There's nothing wrong with CoD, I just don't want every game to be CoD.

    Game looks good enough.

    I'm interested in the "new game modes".

    Now we can party like it's 1999 all over again!

    Or not. Meh. 2 things I don't understand...

    1. Why do people even still care about CS?
    2. Why is Valve still stuck in the early-mid 2000's with its development?

    Time to hire some new coders who can actually program a MODERN game engine, Valve.

      I don't think those words will taste very good when Valve do come out with their next engine. Remember that those COD games you love are also all on an old engine that isn't nearly as impressive as Source.

      I think you'll find if you knew more about it that Source is a modular designed engine that is quite a bit more modern that many of its contemporaries. Modern does not mean parallax mapped stones on the ground, modern means an engine that lets you get on the with the job of designing amazing gameplay :)

    To those dumb enough to point out the lower level of graphics;

    CS has ALWAYS been about being able to play the game on practically any machine. There's a reason that CS 1.6 and Source are still two of the most played games in the world. You may not like those games and that's ok. But before you criticise a game over something perhaps you should take the time to understand WHY that aspect is the way it is. Otherwise you sound like a blithering idiot.

    oh boy another 5 thousand servers with nothing but surf and dust2

      oh boy another comment with nothing but stupidity oozing out of it

        wasn't aware expecting something new besides the engine made me an idiot. oh yeah, the game modes that are probably going to be some take on as_ and es_

          Hi, and welcome to games that are big on the pro-gaming/competitive gaming circuit.

          Here you'll find a range of games that are often kept pretty much the same as they have achieved a higher standard of balance in gameplay mechanics than other multiplayer games and changing too much will result in all those years of solid gameplay being lost.

            sorry but i don't find playing the same map over and over again in 3-5 minute rounds over and over again as fun, when it comes to twitch and the same formula it just removes any variety in strategy and play style. competitive gaming is a joke, always has been and always will be, one of the reasons for this is that it manages to remove anything dynamic about the gameplay and replace it with the same old boring strategies.

            except sports games, those are actually genuinely fun

              Oh yeah because football fields and tennis courts change so radically every time you play, not to mention how they change up the dynamic.

                and the players are all exactly the same!

                i know 2 pc players aren't the same but it's better to watch 10 v 10 unmatched people play a sport than a 1 player to a team of 5 match out on twitch

              This comment is so false I don't even know what to say.

              There is more strategy in a single high-end competitive CSS/1.6 match than you will probably exhibit in your entire life.

              Competitive gaming is certainly not a joke when there are people making a living out of it. Valve's own DoTA 2 tournament paid out a million dollars to the victor, not to mention League of Legend's various prizes as well as the countless CSS/CoD4/2 comps. And then there is starcraft...

              The reason you find competitive play boring is because you are, frankly put, probably bad at it. The arguments you have put forward suggest that you need a shiny new feature every week in order to pay attention to anything, and lack the focus and drive to dedicating yourself to learning the intricacies and depth of specific game mechanics.

              MarkD's comment is particularly valid, professional gamers dedicate themselves to knowing everything about a single game, much like sports players will dedicate themselves to a single sport.

              As someone who has played games competitively before (TF2), I can assure you that the sense of accomplishment you feel after winning (or even losing) a very close match between players that know all the ins and outs of the game is intensely satisfying, and most certainly fun.

                I'd also like to step in to point out the irony of saying that sports games are 'ok' as competitive games, while others are not.

                The problem with sports games (and driving games) and the reason they will never be taken seriously is because you can just... watch the sport! Games that are fun to watch as well as play are often the games that become the most popular competitively (starcraft and League of Legends for example)

    Looks better than mw3 IMO.

    Looks good! I still remember playing 1.6 in school and at LAN's, and I still play source occasionally. Really looking forward to it.

    Only thing i'm not sure about is cross-platform gaming. It's either going to be REALLY imbalanced in favor of PC players, valve will apply a handicap to PC players or a buff to PS3 players (such as auto-aim). All of these are things I don't really want to see.

    Graphics look worse than CS:S to me and no I am not trolling. They genuinely look bad. Did you not see that rain?

    This trailer doesn't really do the game any favours. Either Valve didn't authorise this particular piece of media to be released or their standards have slipped. I'm talking bathroom-tiles-crack-your-skull-open slipped.

    Woo, new scoutzknives revamp!

    It looks terrible. I honestly think this is Valve's joke of an idea to see how fickle the massess are to buy a re-worked cs 1.6 just because it's on consoles and "new"

    The visuals of CS: GO are horrible, I honestly think it looks intentionally bad by Valve to make a point.

      More retardation?

      Ok, here's the deal. Valve upgrade and add to the source engine rather than develop a brand new engine from scratch. Know why? It keeps costs down and then the game can be released for $20 instead of $80.

      You catching on now or should we paint you some pretty pictures to explain it?

        Dude, I made no reference to the source engine. I made reference to the absoloutely terrible textures used, it looks worse than CS: Source.

        Have you seen the video with some of the grenades? They don't even look normal. The guns looks wrong structurely. The new map textures are ok, but there was nothing wrong with the original css textures.

        My point was, is valve deliberately making it look shithouse to see how fickle we all really are when it comes to a big/well known titles?

        The only retardation was your irrelevant response.

          Oh so a game engine has absolutely nothing to do with textures and graphics? That's news to me.

          And if you think those textures are worse than CSS then it's either been a loooong time since you last played it or you need your eyesight checked.

          Viewmodels are not final, game is not final. Otherwise no one cares about your opinions on the gameplay.

          Please cease retard train.

    I think its just the environments on many of the maps. They looked rushed, too many blocky shapes which dampened the immersion factor. Hopefully they'll keep getting worked on post this clip and end up more natural in appearance.

    Kotaku's user base of people who are never happy with anything is getting worse, In every discussion there's a legion of crybabies complaining about rediculous, miniscule aspects of a game.

    The game looks much better than css period
    It kinda has a l4d2, portal 2 feel which is nice, good performance and comfortable graphics.

    As far as people complaining about textures, ever consider the compression of the video? Perhaps the demonstration was taken from console gameplay or maybe even the machine they were using may not have had 16x Anistropic filtering on.

    I am very sure the game will look great maxed out on my rig

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