It’s Time To Play The Original Deus Ex In "High Definition"

It’s Time To Play The Original Deus Ex In "High Definition"

Not that you ever really use the term “high definition” on a PC, but if you did, this mod for the original Deus Ex would surely be described as such.

It’s called Deus Ex: New Vision, and has replastered 75% of the walls in the game with remastered, high resolution textures that should make the classic first-person shooter/RPG — which these days isn’t looking too good — look a little better.

Note that it’s not a complete remaster, so there’s no new objects or lighting or anything else. Just new textures for the same old walls that have always been there.

Why would you want to do such a thing? Well, the original Deus Ex is regarded as a masterclass in video game story-telling, and installing a pack like this on a game you can buy very cheaply these days will make it a little easier for newcomers to the series (perhaps spurred on by the upcoming Human Revolution) to digest.

Deus Ex : New Vision [ModDB, via @Henl3y]


  • Id really like to the game running on the Unreal 2.0 engine ( to allow for much better models for the npcs, guns etc). Snazzy hi res textures dont do it for me compared to actual model upgrades. I mean the models have been upgraded to a point but its not enought of an upgrade.

    • That would take a fairly enormous amount of effort though. Plus licensing of the engine. The only way that’s likely to happen is if Ubisoft does it themselves.

      If any of the Kotaku staff reads this:
      Don’t ever switch to the crap that is the design of your American counterparts!

    • We’ve already done the models, both me and DaveW were apart of Deus Ex HDTP, which is compatible with this mod, unfortunately not all of HDTP has been released.

  • Kids these days!

    There’s something wrong when people are turned off playing a quality game like Deus Ex because the graphics are a bit dated.

    Back in MY day… (you get the idea).

  • Ben, Deus Ex looked dated when it first came out. So, back in our day it already needed better art. Great game otherwise.

  • I have to disagree. This is a game that was released in 2000 and at the time it looked great. Not astounding, but great. Importantly, unlike UT and Q3A it was recreating a world based very closely on the modern-day real world so it couldn’t be all colourful and pyrotechnic. The settings were done very well for the time.

    Hi-res texture/model packs are always welcome in my book – Shock 2 Rebirth really revived that game.

  • Wasn’t this released months ago? If the team ever finished the HD texture pack for all the character models and items in the world then it would be great.

    • They had an early beta release that came out a long time ago, but it wasn’t nearly as complete as this one release is.

  • So, does anyone know of any game recording software other than FRAPS?
    The above looks too pricey for how much I would use it.

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