Japan Gets A New Xbox 360 Bundle

Forget all that talk that Microsoft is leaving Japan! Because on September 28, Xbox Japan is launching a new Xbox 360 250GB bundle that includes Monster Hunter Frontier Online.

Priced at ¥29,800, which is the normal price for a 250GB Xbox 360 in Japan, the bundle comes with Monster Hunter Frontier Online codes that allow for some free play and in-game loot—that will hopefully lead to you signing up for a Frontier Online subscription.

Unlike other Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter Frontier Online is a subscription based online game. This bundle offers a free taste.

It's like Xbox Japan is taking a page out of the drug dealer's handbook.


    Japan will only back the xbox when they start releasing a multitude of spank-bank crap for the horny bastards.


    Japan are very patriotic, and they support consoles made by japanese companies. Being Austrlaian if there was a good console that was Australian, i would buy that over any american or japanese console.

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      Now if Kotaku only covered local stories things would be boring, wouldn't they?

        kotaku would be a lot more interesting if it didnt only cover stories local to japan.

      Kotaku was originally set up to have a primarily dualistic outlook, remember? Both the West's experience and the Japanese view.

      You don't like the article...fair enough, but being belligerent only takes away from any valid point you may have.

      It makes me sad to see fellow geeks treat each other like this =(.

    If Xbox succeeds in Japan over the competition the only reason would be that there was no competition. All they can hope for in Japan is a small market share in the region for eternity

    I was tossingup between ps3 and 360 because i wanted a 360 but monster hunter aswell.. hopefully aus gets this game... doubtful though

    Why hasnt this Monster Hunter game been released anywhere else yet? I'd love to try it over live.
    Then again, why hasnt there been a PS3 MH game yet?

      Well in this instance, it's probably because it's an online game :P

      Monster Hunter Frontier is an MMO, it's also on the PC. The game is CC locked and IP locked nowdays, so goodluck ever getting in there. Capcom have said they most likely won't release it over here, because they don't have a western MMO team to supervise it.

      As per your comment on a ps3 MH, the PS3-PSP HD version of MHP3 comes out in japan very soon, I'm assuming a western release may be likely down the line.

        Just to clarify, the game that this package comes with (MHF) has been out for ages on PC and Xbox in Japan. It's just getting a bundle.

    Hey dude the boss wants you to dig a new grave to bury the 360 MH bundle once you finish piling dirt on the 360 dead in Japan grave.

    Ok, let me get a new shovel to dig a deeper grave.

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