Japan Suddenly Wants Used 3DS Units

After clogging up shops for months, used 3DS units are suddenly become hot (well, hotter) with the 3DS now ¥4,000 cheaper and sales doubling. It's thought the spike is because of the free games Nintendo's offering. [Media Create]


    Wait, i dont get the story.
    Are Shops wanting to buy 3ds' or are people in Japan buying them now?

      I think people are buying back 3DS units that were traded in due to lack of games or w/e

        My understanding is that early adopters got free games and those games would be on their 3DS now. So a used 3DS would come with pre-loaded software.

        Also, "used 3DS units are suddenly become hot" - switch that "become" to "becoming" and learn to edit your work before posting it. Kotaku is getting worse and worse with their editing. =(

          Well, you don't have to be condescending about their grammar, just tell them nicely ;) They've probably already learnt how to edit properly, just had a lapse of concentration.

          Anyway, the early adopters have not yet gotten free games. They will though, if they've used the console before August the something-th, and used the estore once. Then, provided Nintendo's mysterious system works, they'll get themselves access to free games over a period of time.

          So, it's likely people are planning to buy second hand ones so they'll be in line for free games in the future too.

            I was close I guess then.

            Didn't mean to be condescending at the time - oops, lol. Just imagine it says "remember" instead of "learn" and that'll make it sound a bit nicer :P

            I've seen a few articles posted recently though that have either been missing sections of itself, repeated sections of itself, or just had awkward sentences. Hopefully it was just a bad day in the Office.

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