Japanese And US PSone Classics Confirmed For Australia

The PlayStation blog has confirmed that Australians will soon have access to US and Japanese PSone emulations on the PlayStation Store - meaning gamers will have access to PSone classics previously unavailable here in Aus.

At the moment there is no information with regards to what titles will be available and when - making the news a little bit redundant, but Sony were keen to make the following clear:

- Publishers who own the rights to release PSone titles that were previously only available in the US and/or Japan will now be able to apply to have them released on the SCEE PlayStation Stores (providing they are rated by the appropriate ratings boards for each territory).

- All titles will be published ‘as is’, with either English or Japanese language game content where available.

- All titles will run at 60 Hz and you will need a 60 Hz capable display to play them properly.

Games will need to be rated locally by the Classification Board, but over at the PlayStation blog they're looking for suggestions - so if their are any Japanese or US specific titles you'd like to see released on the Australian PlayStation Store, let them know.

NTSC-J And NTSC-U PSone Classics Confirmed For SCEE [PlayStation Blog]


    Spyro! Spyro! Spyro!

    (Unless they're already on there and I keep missing them. In which case, discard this chant).

      There isnt any Spyro, so i do hope its on this list.

    I had been buying US PSone games from the US store for months since its the only way of running games in 60hz.

    Nothing really new for someone who has multiple PSN accounts.

      You can only have one account linked to a PSP at a time so this is great news as my AU account is the one I chose :D

        Sox i have 2 accounts attached to my PSP GO one US and AUS. All you have to do is have an internet connection available and sign in and out for the respective games.

          Do you mean sign in and out each time you want to play games on the respective account or just the initial time like on PS3?

    Chrono Cross. That is all.

    At the risk of being laughed out of here, I have a few suggestions for them.

    * Chrono Cross
    * Xenogears
    * Tales of Destiny
    * Tales of Eternia
    * Star Ocean: The Second Story

    That is all I can think of at the moment. Though I am sure there are some gems I have missed.

      I'm pretty sure they mean games already on the PSN in America and Japan. Xenogears is on there. Now you just have to hope Square-Enix think it's work paying to have the game rated in all regions.

      Star Ocean: The Second Story was actually released in Europe, but I concur with your other selections. I'd also add Legend of Mana and maybe some of those lesser Square PS1 games we missed out on like Brave Fencer Musashi or Dew Prism. Or maybe Final Fantasy Tactics, but the PSP rebuild of that is much better so maybe not. The same could probably be argued of Tales of Destiny as well.

        Sorry about that - I saw going by what (little) Australia saw.

    Oh my god, about time !
    I thought we'd never get them.


    What about games that were released in PAL territories but now have publishing rights all tangled with legal red tape. I'm pretty sure those games won't be any closer to release.

    I've had a US account (along with several others) since the day I got my PS3 So I'll be sticking with it and its significantly lower prices.

    Any word on how much the "Australia Tax" will add to the price?

      You would imagine that it would be $8.45 for most PSone games, seeing as though they are the same game...

      and $15.95 for those "premium" games like MGS, etc...

      According to accounting logic, the 10% GST added to the game will raise the price by 100%.

    Yes. I need to get hold of Soul Reaver so this is welcome news.

      Soul Reaver was published in PAL territories. This is only for "titles that were previously only available in the US and/or Japan".

    Will this have any effect on the playstation pocket store for the xperia play? Because they are all ps1 games.

      good question

    Chrono Chross

    and any really heinous Japanese anime porno games that might be playable without actually being able to understand the text or dialogue.

    Hmm since I already have Xenogears and Chrono Cross, I'll say:

    * Wild Arms
    * Suikoden 1 & 2

      Ermm... all three of those were released in AU actually =P (In fact our copies of Suikoden 1 and 2 kept close to the original Jp covers as opposed to the terrible terrible "westernised" covers for NA xD)

      Not that i would mind a re-release =D

        I was under the assumption that they meant the PSOne Classic games that were released on PSN in Japan or US, that aren't available here.

        I just googled Suikoden's NA box art...hilarious!


    Parasite Eve 1 (since 2 is on the store already)

    Final fantasy 6?

    We get that one right? D:

    Parasite eve 1

    Ok I'm sure these games are good but which hold up by today's standards?

    How nice of you guys not to credit me for telling you about this...

    Yes! I'm really hoping for Spyro and Silent Hill, but since SH was slighty modified here I'll remain cautiously optimistic.

    Ehrgiez : God Bless The Ring?

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