JB Hifi Has Written The Best Review Of Duke Nukem Forever You'll Ever Read

You know, after the hundreds of thousands of words that have been written about Duke Nukem Forever, who would have thought that JB Hifi would be the one to sum it all up in one glorious sentence. I honestly don't know what to add, so I'll just leave this here.

Thanks ClivePwned!


    bahahhahahahhha its funny cause its true

    This is classic. Another reason why JB rocks.

    i love you too smookims.

    JB, you've done it again!

    Staff reviews like this are part of its cheap'n'cheerful charm.

    The writing is so messy I can barely read it :(

      I had to read over it a few times before I completely understood it.

      Goes to show the staffing is mostly males... Else it would have been neat lol

        Or it could perfectly neat and in cursive. Would you prefer a rough translation into latin. Some school teach and drill children how to write correctly.

    I'd rather buy a game box labelled "John Newcombe Forever".

    Many JB reviews are great, but this is truly brilliant.

    It says 'Look, we all know its meant to be a bit shit, but I still think it's worth a try, don't you?'

    Very true, a lot better than some of their reviews. I have seen some terrible games get great remarks on those things.

    My local JB doesn't even bother with reviews. For shame!

    I swear the marketing team at JB have a direct connection to my wallet cortex.

    Aww, now I feel kind of bad for returning my copy, claiming to have not played it since they're not as free and easy with returns as EB.

    lol thats bloody hilarious!

    Love this.

    Most of the JB Hifi shops I go to just have different variations of "this game is epic, buy it please" as their reviews.

    I totally am going to give it a try. In a year's time when it's like $10 on sale.

      You won't have to wait that long, Dungeon Crawl already has it Duke Nukem Forever for $19.50.

    I tried the demo but didn't really get into it.

    I know I'll eventually have to buy it though, but I'll wait til it's in the bargain bin.

    Actually just finished it today...

    I enjoyed it for what it was...

    Not what it was supposed to be.

    Give it to me for nothing and you've got yourself a deal.

    All I wanted was an elephant stamp

    love shopping my games with JB, its way better than EB and GAME, never really shop in those shops anymore unless they have a different offer..one shop that i still check out (not buy games though) is Game Traders, love checking their retro consoles and stuff

      D: I loved Game Traders, bu they are closing down! Two near me just closed :(

    Duke Nukem: Look we all hear it's meant to be a bit shit. But the real question is, Do you have the balls baby?

    JB hifi staff exist that aren't 100% tattoo'd, have piercings and look like drug dealers?

      I work at JB in games and this made me PMSL. I however am not a Drug dealer or have tats everywhere.

    i have seen these, and must say do the Jb hifi people taken down these and write on a table, or do they try and write it while in place, if the former they surely have some crappy writing skills. I have scene this all over the place.

    Tho great review.

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