JB Hifi Taking 20% Off All Games Until Sunday

JB Hifi has just kicked off a massive video game sale that runs until Sunday, taking 20% off every single game in the store.

The offer excludes bundles and accessories but, regardless, this is a pretty slick deal, and just in time for Thursday late night shopping.

My poor wallet. It weeps. Have mercy!


    And I just got my tax back!


    Still expensive roflmao

      Are you really roflolmaoing? Cause if you're telling lies on the innernette...

    Only instore? not jbhifionline?

      The link is borked but the games page on jbhifionline does have a mention of a 20% off deal for August.

    They have been having A LOT of 20% off sales recently.
    I'd take advantage of it were i not still paying for Space Marine CE lol

    Might be a good time to pick up Alice Madness Returns & a few others ive missed this year:)

    Dam, it dose not cover consoles. I'm looking at jumping back on to the xbox after years away.

    If only I had any games I was looking to buy :(

    Hmmm... might have to check this out, there were a few games I let through to the keeper earlier this year and this might be a good time to pick them up.

    Gon git me soma dem L.A. Noir fo shiz

    Does this apply to preorders? I'd like to go cancel my Ace Combat CE preorder and reinstate it at a discount >.>

      Usually no.

      Their Friends and Family sale didn't at any rate. I tried to get Uncharted 3 mega edition then :P

    Just had a look at my local, not much on offer really.

    SSF4AE caught my eye, but otherwise...

    Just picked up Resident Evil 5 and Just Cause 2 at JB in Galeries in Sydney for $46.40 (20% off marked prices of $29 each).

    I note they still have 2 for $40 on some items, I don't know if the 20% off applies to that deal, though it's worth noting for anyone interested they have Blazblue Calamity Trigger in boxes including 2 xbox controller skins for $29 if anyone's interested.

    I also noticed Homefront for $49 (which might still be too much considering the universally "meh" reviews the game got) as well as Read dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare for $39 apiece.

    Since there's nothing really coming out this week it's worth checking out JB for anything good you missed over the last year.

      Just got back from Melbourne's Bourke St store. The 20% applies to the two for $40, so that's two for $32.

      Some good games in the pile too: Mass Effect 2, Resident Evil 5 Gold, Metro 2033, Burnout Paradise.

    Meh, I'll stick with importing thanks

    20% of $40 red dead!?!?!?! Strand JB here I come!

    ... and the retailers want us to believe they don't have massive mark ups on games. You think they're selling them at a loss at this sale?

      Odds are that they are. JB operates off having cheap prices to draw people in to buy additional products with a higher mark-up.

        Pity then that I always go into JB specifically for those sale items.

          Same here, rarely purchase anything but a preowned collectors if i see one.

      they will overall lose money on this. trust me.

    and i am only finding this out now?!?..@1:20AM Friday??!!..i wish that i knew it sooner dang..hope i get good games

    Despite this, it is still cheaper to import games or buy digital copies.

    what about consoles? I wanna 360!!

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