John Carpenter's Super They Live Bros


    Wow, I did not know about this movie and it looks goddamn friggin awesome.

    I followed a link from the fistfight link on kotaku and found out that he was all out of gum before duke was!

    Can't wait to see this :D

      Janek...DUKE took the line, part of the plot and glasses from THEY LIVE, not VICE VERSA.

      DNF even nods to this with the toilet stall with the glory hole. Did you read the back wall?
      If not:
      the wall reads: "WE SLEEP, THEY LIVE."
      (Marked in the movie somewhere. I know where, being vague for you, since the movie is slow but AWESOME for the 80s.)

    One small forgotten thing Luke:

    Brimley (here as Mario) was in THE THING, another of Carpenter's classics.

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