John Goodman Welcomes You To Rage's Future

In this sixth video looking behind the scenes of Rage, id Software talks about the sound design of the upcoming shooter, role-playing game. That means we get to hear about how the music, sound effects and voice acting came together. In other words: John Goodman

Rage is due out for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 4.


    "We knew we needed a great voice talent and the only way to find that is to look for great actors."

    I'm tired of this mentality in movies and I'm dissapointed to see it now infiltrating videogames. You know who have great voice talents? Professional voice actors. Now there are a few Hollywood actors that are also good voice actors, Robin Williams is the only one that comes to mind immediately and that's because he uses voice acting techniques in his comedic routines.

    A good voice actor is able to bring a life and vibrancy to a character that goes beyond simple 2D or complex 3D animations. Check out the ledgendary Mako, or actors like Peter Cullen, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill (yes he was Luke first but since then he's done alot of voice acting). Most Holywood actors just get up and speak their lines. You get a voice people will instantly recognise but character the audience gets is not the one the actor is trying to portray but the actor him or her self.

      I agree 100%, but I'm willing to make an exception for Goodman.

      You can't believe my disappointment when Charles Adler didn't return to voice Harold in Fallout 3. One of the greatest voice acting talents I remember strongly from the '90s.

        Fair enough, although Goodman ins't on my list there are some actors (Patrick Warburton and Liam Neeson) I'm willing to let slide by just because I adore their voices.

      Yes but Goodman is a very good voice actor, David Hayter and Jennifer Hale are other ones. So in short, its not a hard and fast rule so maybe don't get sdo upset???

    Goodman has done Sully (Monsters Inc.) and Pacha (Emperors New Groove), both very well. While he may not be as polyvocal as Hamill or Azaria, his voice does suit certain characters very well.

      Not to mention the first Robot Santa.

    I've got no problem with professional actors doing voicework. So what if they just say their lines? I hate overracting when they're trying to act serious. Probably why I hate theatre. Solid Snake sounds like he's about to bust a nut with every line. And what's with that burp or acid reflux that he has at the end of every sentence-erh?

    People love to bag Rockstar, but their games since GTA3 have had some excellent acting and directing. Even though the plots are batshit insane, the dialogue and acting are quite strong. They get the subtleties right which is sadly wasted on the type of gamers who can't distinguish straight-to-video quality from a blockbuster.

    I thought the acting was fantastic in GTA4, but I really missed what they did with San Andreas because you were getting ridiculous missions from all types of weird and wonderful characters who were voiced by recognisable celebrities. That game (in my opinion anyway) was more entertaining than any comedy or action movie.

    I loved the bit where OG Loc is rapping in the bathroom to his reflection when a stranger walks out of a cubicle and tells him how horrible he sounds. OG Loc was a caricature and was played perfectly so. CJ was a bit more of the straight man, although He too was silly at times that it was called for.

    Sam Jackson's character was such a great prick of an antagonist. It was scenery-chewing type stuff, but Sam Jackson's great at that type of thing.

    Mike Toreno had you doing some of the best and craziest missions in the franchise, and I loved how James Woods had the character seem so unfazed and talk so matter-of-factly about what has to be the most stressful job on the planet. He always seemed like he had to go to the toilet (or needed a patsy) and sounded like he was probably bullshitting the main character to get his way. He always needed a job done and couldn't be bothered explaining the universe to CJ.

    Jizzy B was another great character. Charlie Murphy nailed it. I love the mission he gave you where you had to stop a rather dodgy priest from 'turning' one of his hos. The priest's lines in the limo were a stitch: "Remove your filthy vestments harlot, so I may better gaze upon thine corruption!". And who could forget the little NPC jokes like the FBI agents who yell "F.B.Oiiii!"

    Sure there's exceptions in these games where the acting aint so hot, but it's often deliberate. Their writers and directors are streets ahead of most of the competition in my opinion.

    RDR was another one with great acting. It was such an all-encompassing western that they had to address the appropriate stereotypes otherwise people would be disappointed (even though there's still no pleasing some). So even if they had redneck stereotypes like the Armadillo deputies and Seth, there was also incredibly charismatic characters like Marshall Johnson and Landon Ricketts.

    People say these games are a bit pretentious, but look at what they're up against. If you want pretentious, look at MGS or Gears of War. They're good games with lots of merit, but the writing and acting makes me feel embarrassed.

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