Journey Looks Gorgeous, As Always

Journey Looks Gorgeous, As Always

Journey is my most anticipated game of the year. In fact, I’m so excited about Journey that I actually refused to use my Beta code because I didn’t want to ruin the impact of the final game when it’s released later this year. For the first time since I began writing about video games, I selfishly chose to delay gratification to suit my own needs. That’s how hyped I am about this game.

This new trailer goes some way to justifying the decision I made. It made my heart tremble.


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    • How have you missed Mark’s man-crush on Journey?

      It’s by the guys who made Flower and Flow, and in the game you Journey across the land. That’s all they’ve really said. You can interact with other people, but not in a standard co-op way, and you solve small puzzles to advance.

      I believe your aim is to get to the big glowy thing, but that should be clear to anyone with gamer brain.

    • I don’t get it either, moreso given Mark’s stance against Bastion – what exactly is the gameplay in this? From everything I’ve been able to read the game = walking across the desert.

      • It’s the idea that simply moving in the world should be fun – ala Super Mario Bros, or Assassin’s Creed. I think that’s what I’m expecting to love in this game.

        Also there’s the fact that I loved thatgamecompany’s last titles. Particularly Flower, which is one of my favourite games this generation.

        Also – I was so hyped for Bastion based on trailers, so I could be totally wrong about this.

  • You’re not alone Serrels! I saw one news bit on this you posted awhile ago, watched a video and I have limited myself since!

    Sand physics are awesome. I liked 2008’s Prince of Persia, for the same reasons I’m hyped about this. Gorgeous visuals are awesome.

  • Man I want this so bad. Hurry up and release it! No, wait – make sure it’s perfect and then release it! But hurry it up, dammit.

    Love the music, too.

  • OK don’t get me wrong, what is the point of this game? I’ve seen many videos and I just don’t understand what the goal or the ‘pull’ it has over the reviewers is. I love indie games and I think this is a gorgeous looking game. But what really is it?

    • there wasn’t any comments when I posted my question. So it is just a small puzzle platformer or something? Will it come out on PC or 360?

      • The idea is to “journey” to a distant mountain that you can see in some videos/screens of the game. Presumably there will be obstacles to overcome along the way, and there’s an interesting online implementation (no voice chat, no invites/lobbies, it’ll occasionally just connect your game to somebody else’s who is in the same area as you, you won’t even see their name so you don’t have any idea who it is).

        The details are mostly still under wraps, but just the developer’s pedigree (their last one, Flower, was superb) makes it highly anticipated.

        And I’m pretty sure it’s published by Sony under an exclusive deal (this is game 2 or 3 in a 3 game deal they’ve got), so that’d most likely be a “no” to PC/360. I wouldn’t rule out a PSV version, though – I’m pretty sure there was a PSP version of their earlier game, Flow.

        • Fair enough. Can’t say I’ve played any of their games as I left the PS2 for the Xbox back in the day of original Halo. Tis’ a shame it’s not going to be on a different platform.

  • The Beta was the first 2 small sections of the game. They did a very rapid patch which fixed frequent crashes, and changed the camera control scheme.

    Game is very interesting, sort of an exploration based platformer, do things to unlock access to more areas. Multiplayer is cooperative, and you aren’t given a choice – like Demon Souls.

    No puzzles as such, but find things to “unlock” access to out of reach or hidden areas. At least for the sections in the beta.

  • seriously, where’s the gameplay in this video? I’ve no interest is walking through a, admittedly nice looking, desert.

  • In the era of large explosions and crazy shooters….its nice to have a game once in a while that seems to be just immersion in a environment (words escape me atm, hope ppl get wat I said)

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