Kanye West Preparing A Big Call Of Duty Concert

One of the world's most popular musicians will close the first official fan convention for one of the world's most famous games. No, Lady Gaga is not rocking a Computer Solitaire con. Kanye West, however, is performing on day two of Call of Duty XP, the big Call of Duty fan convention in Los Angeles early next month. Winners hang out with winners, right?

Kanye is scheduled to perform on Saturday, September 3, in what CoD publisher Activision is crowing is Kanye's first public performance since the release of his and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne album.

Call of Duty XP runs from Sept 2-3 and costs $US150 a person. A paid ticket gets you a copy of Modern Warfare 3 (a voucher, most likely, since the game isn't out until November), a world's-first hands-on with MW3's competitive multiplayer, live-action recreations of elements of the series and more. All proceeds go to the CoD veterans' charity, which makes you wonder: who is paying Kanye?

Kanye West Performing Live at Call of Duty XP [CoD XP site, via Twitter]

Top photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images


    This battle between CoD and BF is fun to watch.

    douche bag singer for a douche bag gaming franchise.....

      Kanye West is a superstar - and a genius producer. It's just too bad he associates himself with this kind of thing, but then again I guess its what adds to the persona.

    Am I the only person who's getting annoyed and worried that gaming has been connected to raping in the last few years?

    Rap hasn't been relevant since the early 90s, is this how they're trying to remain alive?

      Lol hope you meant 'rapping' instead of 'raping' ;-)

        To my ears there's no difference.

          Rap hasn't been relevant since the 90's???
          Guess that's why Eminmem had the biggest selling album of 2010...
          Or why Jay-Z and Kanye smashed itunes records two weeks ago...

      kids these days with their hippity hoppity, and their rape music, and their gamestations...

      u straight ignant cracka

    "yo - imma let you finish, but battlefield 3 is game of the year - GAME OF THE YEAR!"

    kanye west is no superstar.. hes a egotistical douche who thinks hes king shit.. i hope he gets booed .. wat gamer wants to see that dude perform id rather listen to lady gaga

      Oh dear, I pray this is someone trolling.

    I wouldn't trust a person who likes fishdicks.

    Another of today's so called talented musicians....LOL.
    Just another overrated fool who's success has come from Autotune, both singing and producing. Without Autotune he and the fakes he has produced would be just like us....no singing ability at at all..

    Kanye is a really talented musician. His new record was genius, there were some bad tracks but he is a brilliant composer and producer. He can have a string quartet lead in to All of the Lights and it doesn't feel mashed together, it feels like a new genre.

    Yeah he is an idiot, but have you seen Amadeus? Sometimes the idiots make the best music. Most people don't expect me to like Kanye because they have type-casted me as a music listener.

    The Bon Iver tracks on Dark Fantasy is chilling. The harmonies are so rich and the producing adds to the track not subtracts.

    tl;dr picking on hip hop and rap is just trendy.

    That said one thing I don't like about hip hop is its constant affiliation with brands and marketing. It goes way back, Run DMC and Adidas comes to mind.

    Maybe it should be applauded that music that used to be restrained to ghettos is now a business, and these people can't help but exploit the attention after a history of exploitation.

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