Last Day To Register For Free 3DS Games

Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day you can register for Nintendo's Ambassador Program. You know, the program for 3DS early adaptors who paid through the nose for the 3DS, so now are getting twenty free games.

In Japan, the registration program involves you entering your serial number in a website, but in North America, all you need to do is either perform a system update or visit the 3DS eShop.

From "Nintendo 3DS owners who have performed the latest system update or who visit the Nintendo eShop using a wireless broadband Internet connection prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Aug. 11, 2011, are automatically registered for the program and will receive 20 free downloadable games before the end of the year."

Easy enough! So those who bought a 3DS before it got on sale and who haven't registered yet, get to it.

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    And time has run out here in Australia. (People not on the east coast probably have a little time left)

    I did not receive my notification. Should I be worried?

      Did you set it to "yes" for notifications in the settings menu??

    That seems like a disgracefully short amount of time. Could Nintendo screw up the 3DS any more?

      "Disgracefully short"?

      I'm sorry but have you been living in a rock for the past week or so? The anouncement for free 3DS titles was anounced pretty much straight after the price drop anouncement. The deadline has always been 12th for AU which is when the price officially drops.

      The fact Kotaku AU decided to put the warning that the offer was expiring at the nTH hour has nothing to do with Ninty... just very slow posting =P

      So you either bought the 3DS early and get the free games or you held off for the cheaper price. =P

      Try again! xD

    I did the firmware update and logged into the eShop the other day so I assume I'm set for the free games when they hit.

    They could have made it more clear though, I would have expected at the very least some sort of message after the firmware up and and logging into the eshop that says congratulations, your 3DS is now eligable for the 20 free games available in the coming weeks/months. Please check back later for updates.

    Don't know if thats expecting too much? I spent a fair while trolling the eshop looking for Metroid Fusion before finally doing a bit more research only to discover there's still a bit of a wait on these games, hell even having the announced games listed in a "coming soon" section of the eshop would have saved me time.

      I'd already done the firmware update previuosly so I received a notification that the free games were coming.

      It wasn't directly for me and didn't deny or confirnm that I had registered.

      Just a normal notification, hopefully that means I'm in.

        Yeah that was the one I got, just listing the games and dates and such.

        Don't remember doing an update though... but I may have just forgotten that. Either way I logged into the Eshop, so hopefully that is enough

    I was worried that I wouldn't get into this program and would miss out on Metroid Fusion and other awesome games. I did exactly what the instructions said, to log into the eshop after a system update. I checked the news section and was supposed to of gotten a letter/update news item saying something about the ambassador program. After hours of online searching and checking I think I found the problem.

    The notification doesn't appear in the eshop window. Go into your notification section on the main menu (green speech box) and there should be a note about the program. Is this the thing everyone is talking about? The "we are giving out 20 free games" and all other info about it? Hope so because that's all I got.

    Crap, I didn't realise you had to update first.


      You should be fine, there's no mention of needing to do the update first on Nintendo Australia's site:
      "These free games are available to anyone who owns a Nintendo 3DS system and uses a wireless broadband Internet signal to connect to the Nintendo eShop at least once before the price drop on 12 August. These users will automatically be registered in the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program."

        Having bought Link's Awakening DX from the eShop, I assume I'll be fine. I haven't really been in the eShop since then, though...

      Me either, but as Batguy has said, we should still be ok :)

    Man, as expected, the Dick Smith is all out of 3DS because of their $199 per unit offer. Supposedly the sale goes until Sunday but I'm wondering if they're gonna replenish their stock....
    Luckily a mate who works there saved me one -_-

    I haven't received any notification at all on my 3DS. But I have accessed eShop at least twice though. Should I be worried?

    No, you should not be worried.

    I have connected to the eShop over 20 times before the 12th of august and got my notification late. as long as you have received the "Nintendo Ambassador Program" ( Not the notification to say "You're a ambassador" one or what ever its called and connected to the eShop, You're good to go!

      August 16, 2011 at 4:58 PM
      No, you should not be worried.

      I have connected to the eShop over 20 times before the 12th of august and got my notification late. as long as you have received the “Nintendo Ambassador Program” ( Not the notification to say “You’re a ambassador” one or what ever its called and connected to the eShop, You’re good to go!

        I haven't even received the 'Nintendo Ambassador Program' Notification. I hope my 3DS is registered. :(

        Never mind. I went on the Nintendo Australian website and they have a registration checker to check if your eligible for the Ambassador's Program, entered my 3DS System Number and said I was registered. So I'm good to go! :)

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