Latest Aliens: Colonial Marines Screens Are A Study In Sticky Situations

Latest Aliens: Colonial Marines Screens Are A Study In Sticky Situations

When dealing with an infestation of acid-blooded insectoid aliens, you’re bound to run into certain situations that require extra care and consideration on the part of you and your Aliens: Colonial Marines buddies. Let’s take a look at some of these.

First off, there’s the alien popping out of the floor and dragging your buddy down below situation. Your first instinct is going to be trying to grab his hand, pulling him back up to safety. This is a bad idea.

At best, you’ll end up holding a severed body part. At worst, you’re going down with him, leaving your remaining squadmate unprotected. Sometimes you just have to let go.

Flip through the gallery for more sticky situations from Aliens: Colonial Marines.


Ew, facehuggers! Time to open fire!


While it may seem like killing these sickening little throat-f**king bastards is the best course of action, take a moment to survey your surroundings. They are locked in a lab, behind heavy glass. They’ll die out on their own soon enough. Opening fire will just increase the chance that one of them will force a romantic rendezvous with your esophogus, and you’re in too dangerous a line of work to become a father.


This is alien-fighting 101 stuff here. If you see a xenomorph on the other side of a closed door, keep the door closed. C’mon kids, these are the easy ones.


Oh screw it. Go ahead and tap on the jar, you idiot.


If you can see this, you are too close. For some reason alien eggs rapidly hatch upon contact with a human’s field of vision. You’re pretty much doomed. Game over, man.


  • Recently I got a very cheap copy of the latest AvP game and while it’s what I’d call ‘decent’… it really just made me think “Man, I hope Gearbox actually does this right and soon.”

    Glad to see it’s still out there being worked on 😛

  • Anyone else get a shiver up the spine looking at the facehuggers on the other side of that window? lol

    • Yeah! I just thought that looked damn creepy – like spiders or something. Its wierd because face huggers have never creeped me out that way before.

      cool though.

  • hahaha…funny descriptions, mike! it’s looking great so far. hope they don’t screw up the alien franchise. would like to see video demo!!

  • Game looks great, glad i got my replica pulse rifle from HCG before this game comes out other wise there probably be all gone.

  • I hope it doesn’t pull the same stupid “ok you’re in a team BUT OOPS YOU’VE BEEN SEPARATED YOU BETTER GO DO A BUNCH OF OBJECTIVES BY YOURSELF!” like every other game seems to do nowadays…

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