Left 4 Dead’s Newest Campaign Is In Minecraft

Left 4 Dead’s Newest Campaign Is In Minecraft

People make all sorts of weird stuff in Minecraft that I just don’t get, but playing Left 4 Dead inside of Minecraft, that’s something I can get into.

Mine 4 Dead: Blockhawk Down isn’t just a Left 4 Dead level in Minecraft a full Left 4 Dead campaign complete with zombies, safehouses, four-player co-op and pills. Modder Bananafone31 brings even more terror to Minecraft with custom textures and sounds to skin the massive zombie-killing survival mod.

Mine 4 Dead: Blockhawk Down [via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


  • I would really hate to be that guys room-mate/friend and be forced to watch him play games and hear him talk about them.

    Everything is awesome and horrifying.

    “Omg, I’m walking though an empty coridoor, this is horrifying”

    • Yeah. Why is it that people who review video games suck at playing them? I’m not just talking about one every now and then but a BIG percentage. “oh wait, i can’t go upstairs, fire” 1 minute later and a few stories down “i’ll try going up stairs again, wait, still fire” IDIOT, you came from the roof! grrr

  • This looks pretty cool, I just have one problem with it. Why would you use the survivors from L4D2? The ones in L4D were much better.

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