LEGO Universe Raises Level Cap From Zero To 40

When LEGO Universe launched in October of last year it was a breath of fresh air in the stale MMO market. Putting an emphasis on exploration and creativity, it didn't need standard MMO mechanics like levelling to entice people to play.

Today LEGO Universe adds a levelling system to entice people to play.

Along with four new Faction Kits (character classes) and a chance to finally battle the spider queen that's been hanging out in Avant Gardens, today's update gives players a new way to measure their progression through the LEGO Universe. Growing stronger in LEGO Universe used to consist of earning more backpack space, energy containers, or life points. What worked for Zelda, however, hasn't quite cut it for LEGO Universe players. Welcome to the grind, bricklayers.

"We love to challenge our LEGO Universe builders. We're regularly adding new content and new bricks for players to continuously evolve and tap into their innermost creativity," said Jordan Itkowitz, Design Director of LEGO Universe. "With the addition of the levelling system, we're looking to inspire players to explore deeper into the universe, and tackle more difficult goals than they may have considered before."

I'll be diving back in to see how the levelling system plays out. Hopefully this addition will provide some motivation for traditional MMO players to come and take a look.

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    Unless something has changed, it still is not available to Aussies. So kind of pointless us reading about it.. Shame as I actually enjoyed the beta somewhat.

      yeah, whats with that?!

        Must have failed australian classification for being too violent...

    This really sucks. This is the one MMO I WOULD pay for for my son and I to play, he's 7 and would adore this, and yet we can't? Why???

      Wow, I never realised you can't buy it over here.... I wonder why they let me in beta then :/

      Unless I'm mistaken, you should be able to download the F2P client here ( and then if you like it just pay for the subscription on the website. I know there are other people playing from Australia and other non-officially supported countries.

    That 'ding' picture is hilariously appropriate.

    Unless you're in Australia, in which point the game and this article is pointless.

    *golf clap*

    wasn't it announced last month a F2P option was coming this month sometime? Hopefully meaning it will be up on steam at least for Australia.

      Hahaha, clever.

    We can play F2P, but upgrading requires filling out a form where "Australia" is not an option. If you use an existing Lego Parent Account where Australia is an option you get the "not available in your country" message. I am now considering trying a fake USA address to see if it works. I really don't understand why they would allow us access to the server for free then refuse our money like this.

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