Let's Play Super Mario 3D Land & Mario Kart 7!


    Just a video? No text at all?


    where was super mario 3d land?

      Clearly by "Let's Play", they mean let's listen to the game music in the background.

    What!? This isn't even trying to be an article. I can YouTube this myself. Weak.

    I've never really bought into the 'Lukes articles suck' felings that people have had, but this just sold it to me. Seriously, this is pathetic. You could at least have said 'I'm playing this at _____!'

    Wow Mario kart 7 looks average at best no challenge what so ever and no Super Mario 3D Land footage at all lame......

      Average MArio Kart still equals top quality game!

      Crank it up to 150cc & im sure the challenge will bite your head off!
      Just like Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario Kart 64, etc
      Mario Kart can be absolutely brutal;)

    Wish people would start showing more new screens / videos of this game kinda getting boring now, seeing people play and show off these new innovations. Are these the only tracks to do that stuff in? Is this game only consisting of these tracks and then reversed and mirrored version of each track? why couldn't Nintendo make a Mario Kart Trilogy with every single course from Mario Kart (Snes) to Mario Kart Wii (kinda like Mario Kart wii but with every track in each game not a select few)

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