Limbs Are Optional In New NeverDead Screens

We here at Kotaku love the idea behind NeverDead -- we're not the type of folks who let something as petty as a severed head get in our way, and we don't think you are either.

If that's the case, this game may be just the thing you're looking for this year. Take a look at these new screens but please don't try any of this at home.


    He ripped his own arm off and is threatening to beat people with it?!

    I like how so many games push realistic looks, but then expect you to believe that the avatars in FPS games can jump 20m, while spinning, and fire a gun/arrow off flawlessly. Heck I once died to a guy in COD4 that jumped up and sideways, lay flat and stood up while mid-air twice before landing, and yet they still had flawless accuracy with their bullet hits.

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