Living Life With Multiple Sets Of Plastic Hair

Figures often have extra hands or arms for collectors to switch out for new poses. Sometimes figures have extra hair, and alternate hairdos are exciting!

Take this statue of Rinko Kobayakawa from Konami's hit love simulator Love Plus. She comes with two different hairstyles — one is her default 'do, and the other one, the clumpy bangs, isn't.

Hopefully that guy who "married" a Love Plus character has access to different hairstyles!

Love Plus was released in 2009, and has become one of Konami's most iconic game titles — in Japan, up there with Pro Evolution Soccer and Metal Gear Solid.

This Rinko figure goes on sale in Japan this December for ¥6510 ($83).

「DreamTech ラブプラス 小早川凛子【水着Ver.】」サンプルレビュー []

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    okay. . . waiting for the inevitable complaining about what this has to do with video games (character is based off a video game), Brian Ashcraft being a weeaboo (you're on a site called Kotaku) and KotakUS sucks (we already know that)

    sorry if this comes off as being smug. . .

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