Look Around You - Computer Games Special

Look Around You is British TV series that parodies the educational television programs of the 1980s. The first four minutes of this clip is a feature they did on computer games -- it's almost enough to make you wish it were real. I know I wish my beach-related games came with boxes of sand. In fact, I think a box of sand was precisely what Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball needed to be game of the year.


    Box of sand! Total immersion!


    You can try Diarrhea Dan for yourself!


    I've been into this show for ages. Its hilarious, and reeks of Beyond 2000... but the stupid segues are still used in lifestyle programs today.

    My goodness that's one of the most awkward segments I have seen. The joystick in the lap did not help at all.

    Look Around You was glorious. Fantastic show.

    Was also great seeing cameos from people like Edgar Wright. Epic beard, Edgar.

    If you enjoyed this you must watch the one on water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCWA7uevo_Q

    So. Good.

      Ah, the original series... I prefer that over the second series myself, but both are great!

        I love the episode in the second series where they predict music of the future. Guy gets up and does this awesome rap:


    I'd never heard of this show until today. That was absolutely hilarious. xD

    This is one of my favourite shows ever. My favourite episode is the one on Sulphur, because even by a parodies standards, it is flipping insane.


    This combined with Garth Marenghi would make for one helluva night of entertainment.

    lol edgar wright being shaved

    haha, I used to watch this show when it was on Adult Swim.

    I woke up one evening to the tv being left on and the episode on Sulphur was playing... and I had no idea what was going on and at first I thought the show was legit... then I couldn't stop laughing :)

    Been a fan ever since that perfect/dumb-luck introduction

    That show was directed by edgar wright who made shaun of the dead and scott pilgrim.
    He is the guy with the beard in the second section.

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