Love Plus Brings Failed Upskirts To Japanese TV

Japanese TV already has already seen upskirts (both failed and successful), but here we go, once more with feeling.

This fall, Love Plus, that popular love simulator from Konami, is getting a 3DS version called New Love Plus. It has new features.

Some of those new features, like the ability to stare at your Love Plus heroine from a variety of angles thanks to the 3DS gyroscope, were shown off on Japanese television program SmaStation, hosted by Smap member Shingo Katori.

In the West, American television shows off new Call of Duty and Gears of War footage. In Japan, nationwide TV shows off new Love Plus footage, complete with reenactments.


    Wow! That's awesome!

    What would we do without Japan an the crazy stuff they do

    I can't wait to see the inevitable media frenzy in both Norway and Australia over this. . .

    Despite the fact said game will never get released outside Japan. . .

      Well, just to correct you, it was infact Sweden that freaked out over the Dead or Alive girls ;).

    Wait till the soccer moms in america hear about this, out will come the cotton wool!

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