LunchTimeWaster: Exit Path 2

Flow is paramount in platforming - and in any genre for that matter - but when I imagine the slickest, most rewarding moments of gaming in platformers, I think of blasting through tricky levels in Super Mario World at speed, I think of precise wall jumps in Super Meat Boy. Incredibly, Exit Path 2 has moments that compare to those behemoths.

It's all about the feel of the game, and it's sense of speed combined with it's awesome flow mechanic. In short, Exit Path 2 rewards you for building up continual motion by giving you a charged up speed boost you can use at any time.

And using it feels awesome.

At times Exit Path 2 approaches that feeling of meditative bliss, when everything just clicks and you find yourself flowing through the levels on sheer instinct and wits alone. And that's when it becomes quite magical.

Exit Path 2 [Armor Games]


    nice game, playing VVVVVVV, its hard.

    I had been waiting for this game for AGES. Played the orignal, then played this one.

    The game also has an awesome soundtrack. Just sayin'.

    really awesome game!

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