LunchTimeWaster: PixelJunk Island

PixelJunk Monsters is probably my favourite tower defence game of all time. Castaway Island is basically PixelJunk Monsters - as simple as that. Usually I would deem this kind of plagiarism a bad thing, but goddammit I want to play PixelJunk Monsters on my PC at work!

It really is almost the exact same game, but I'm willing to forgive it this time!

Castaway Island [Armor Games]


    Why are you posting this so early? Usually it gets posted at 12.

      Why are you complaining so early? Usually complaints get posted at 12.

        Wasn't complaining. Just curious whether it was intentional or not. That it was removed then reposted answers my question.

    This is a BrunchTimeWaster and it's getting in the way of my scones and tea.

    Oh dear.. please don't use the PixelJunk name in the title to show a game as bad as this.

    It really *isn't* "almost the exact same game" at all and if you think it is please go and play PixelJunk Monsters again!

    If things go right, our browser-based hybrid social mega-cool version of PixelJunk Monsters will be in public beta. It's really really good!

      PixelJunk Monsters was my favourite game on the PS3, especially co-op. Watching little tribal men dance their way to a vital tower upgrade just before wave of monsters come is one of the most bizarrely tense moments I've had in a game.

      Great to hear theres a browser version coming!

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