LunchTimeWaster: The Thing

The Thing is one of my favourite movies of all time. I also quite enjoyed the PS2 video game set after said movie. This flash game, Infestor, somehow reminds me of that - not from the mechanics, just the concept of playing a blob that infests human beings to serve its purpose.

It's another platform puzzler, but it's nicely polished, super accessible and fun. Infestor has the whole 'fun to move around in the world' thing down. It also happens to have a really charming retro aesthetic.

The puzzle are clever, the look is cool and the game is fun. This is a bit of a sleeper. I love it.

Infestor [Armor Games]


    It took until the third last level for me to be challenged at all, and it was the platforming rather than puzzles that gave the difficulty there. The puzzles could have been made much more interesting if the humans didn't die when the blob left them.

    Loved yesterday's game though.

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