Man Has Jaw Broken, PSP Stolen During London Riots

One of the sadder stories to come out of this week's London riots is that of Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq, who bleeding profusely from a broken jaw is helped to his feet by passers-by...before summarily having his PSP stolen right out of his backpack.

It's indicative of the kind of materialistic lawlessness that's gripped the British capital this week, but at least in this one instance, there's a happy ending to an otherwise sad tale.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's marketing director Alan Duncan has pledged to replace Haziq's PSP, and throw in a few games for good measure.

It won't fix his broken jaw, but perhaps it might go some small way to restoring his faith in basic human decency.

Injured boy mugged in riot to have PSP replaced by SCEE [VG247]


    That is Distgusting to watch Poor kid. There is some real Scum on this earth

    I don't get it. I really don't. I could honestly not do that. Maybe it's because I'm not a walking shitpile like those people. Personally I would've helped the poor guy. I hope every single one of them gets what's coming to them. Goddamn assholes. Good on Sony for helping him. (Now go the extra length Sony and give him a Vita when it comes out ;) )

    Poor kid, I can't imagine what would've happened to him if he tried to put up a fight, probably be in a coma right now.

    The real shame is that they'll likely get away with it, riots can cover for some horrendous crimes.

    That is fucked up. Poor dude shouldve just ran when they helped him up

      Humans like these are such a waste of space, its not as if they live in africa or something where things are in many cases legitimately shit.

      Notice the large pool of blood on the ground when he gets up? Poor guy probably couldn't even walk straight, let alone attempt to run from those odds.

    Some people are a serious waste of oxygen... i really can't convey my true unbridled hate for bottom-feeders like them...

    People disgust me. I am continually embarrassed to be a part of the human race.

    Sniping should be made legal in the UK

    Who's with me?

    If you can film it, you can 'shoot' it

      I'm pretty sure the UK and everywhere else, don't want to be like America.

        I'm pretty sure everywhere else and America don't want to be like the UK atm

          I noticed you excluded Canada who have also had riots, is this because you hate them for all their moose and the way they say 'about'?

    Sad, that a person in distress becomes another's opportunity... I hope he is recovering well, felt sick with rage watching this happen to him! >.<

    I love the support i'm seeing on this site... wish there were more of us in real life.

    when i first saw this a day or so ago it made me sick to my stomach, the feeling of my tummy being churned and while having the feeling of powerlessness and anger and disgust all at the same time..

    those b*strads!i really hope they get whats coming to them!, they are just hiding in the chaos of the comotion and hiding in their pathetic group, stealing from a wounded and confused kid how low could you get?

    its true what they say theres no honor among thieves

    on another note i think that kid that just got mobbed deserves a PS Vita imo :P

    That is one of the most utterly detestable things I have ever seen, what the hell is wrong with those people? I was gonna visit the UK early next year too. Maybe I should put it off for a while. :/

    The thiefs swagger and postering after the robbery highlights how pathetic he is. Hope he is tracked down.

    My face when he couldn't steal the charger

    Well if he was carrying around a plastic-locked PSP during the riots he probably looted it, so who's the real a-hole here? BTW how can you possibly tell that was a PSP?

    They should declare martial law, looter shooted on sight.

    Good on Sony. I watched that video and it made me incredibly mad. A small bunch of assholes are making England look like a shit heap. Low lives

    WTF! My Friday morning has been filled with anger and disgust. I hope that asshole got tracked and brought to justice! >:(

    Sky News reporting that the man was caught and charged.

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