Mari0 Is What Happens When Mario Gets A Portal Gun

Saving the Princess looks almost too easy armed with an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. But that doesn’t mean we’re not overly excited to play Mari0, a side-scrolling that jams Valve’s brand of teleportation into Nintendo’s NES classic.

Developers at the ominous sounding are responsible for Mari0, a mash-up of Super Mario Bros and Portal, a real game that we’d previously seen as a Dorkly-produced joke video.

Mari0 is in the words of its creators, “an actual game being developed — it is not a mod of any existing one.” They say it will be released for free, along with its source code, and will support map packs in the future. Mari0 also promises Portal-infused levels from Super Mario Bros and its sequel, which many of us know as Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels.

It even has simultaneous multiplayer, just like Portal 2.

Mari0 [ via Kottke]


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