Massive Original Xbox Controllers Transformed Into Xbox 360 Controllers, For Halo

As promised, Microsoft's Halo team is bringing Duke to their big Halofest celebration this weekend -- that is, the massive Duke controller that originally sold with the original Xbox.

The Halo crew commissioned hardware modder Ben Heck to transform eight classic Dukes into wireless pads that will work with Xbox 360s. Watch the video to see how that works—and to see what some lucky people at this weekend's Penny Arcade Expo might actually win.

The Duke controllers, like Halofest, are part of Microsoft's celebration of this November's 10 anniversary of the release of the original Halo: Combat Evolved. A lot has changed in a decade, but one thing is constant: the Duke is still a beast.


    I didn't mind the Duke controllers at all. I don't have big hands by any stretch but I found the controller very comfortable and easy to use. Plus, multiplayer raging meant you could throw it or hit somebody with it and the controller would be fine :P

    It was big but all the buttons were on the side, the main thing that made it big was the massive circle in the middle.

    I only ever used the originals at my Dad's place and I don't remember them being that big...

    Why? It was a poorly designed product. I suppose it is mostly for nostalgia.

      Xbox controllers from day one have been about ergonomics and feeling solid. You want poorly designed? Go for PS controllers; RSI inducing, light-weight, cheap-feeling toys aimed at the child-handed asian market.

        In my 2 years experience with the 360, I have to say the 360 controller is one of the most cheapest things I've ever held in my hands. The triggers were nice, and the analog sticks were concave, but other than that, the bumpers felt awkward, the sticks developed a lean which would make the camera in games constantly turn, the face buttons squeaked when I pressed them, the battery packs come loose randomly, and gripping the controller made my hands sweaty for some reason. I switched to ps3 last year and the controller still feels like it's built to last, just chuck on some $2 concave thumbstick caps and you're good to go.

          You're what we call unlucky.

            To add to that, I'm the only one of my friends to own a 360. But I'm also the only one to still have his original controllers. All my mates are on anything from their 2nd to 4th lot of PS controllers.

            Unlucky? This is 4 xbox controllers I'm talking about here, over 2 years. Let alone the fact that all my friends experience most of these issues, especially loose battery packs and stick lean. I'm still on not sure what planet your mates live on but my original controller I got with my ps3 feels

              Still feels new*

              Damn phone -_-

              Well we can only go on what our experiences are can't we :)

              My mates PS3's total 10+ controllers dying. My 360 and it's original controllers have no issues whatsoever. My Xbox 1 controllers are still in working order. My PS1 and PS2 controllers have loose joysticks and dodgy buttons galore.

                Well you are very lucky. Cause as much as I prefer the 360 design over any controller, any day... I am the first to admit they are cheap as hell.

                I appreciate the fact we can change battery packs. Saves gamers having to attach a cord to charge it all the time and if they have spares, just whack em in and charge them later.

                But thats the thing. Sometimes the battery packs die before the controller, but it renders the controller useless unless you fork out money on AA batteries. Then the Xbox button goes and you can't turn your controller on without connecting it to a Play & Charge cord. Everyone knows the D-Pad is worth nothing and then the A,B,X,Y buttons die before your eyes, getting stuck down or just don't working, probably the pressure point beneath fading away. OOOH and the triggers make stupid squeaky noises.

                I love them, I do, but they're so poorly made - there should be a 3 Year Warranty on them!! MS have probably made more money on controllers than 360s that have RRoD. Both my original white controllers are almost useless, one doesn't turn on without the P&C cord, the other doesn't work with either battery pack and I need to use the one from my red controller, it's the only one that works.

                The only hope I have in the Silver is that it was obviously manufactured separately, so hoping its actually made, properly. Time will tell... but I would prefer a slightly heavier and definitely well made piece of plastic for the next console.

                  Call me old, but I'm use an IBM keyboard circa 2000, and that thing still goes despite the thrashing I've given it -- things just don't seem to be built to last these days...

    I liked the duke, although they were big and ugly they were quite comfy, you could stretch out and relax your hands!

    Proud owner of a duke, still one if my favs. Always thought they were going for a vmu style with the big x, sadly not

    All i can add to the 360 v PS3 controller debate.

    PS3 controller has always had built in rechargeable battery pack and had a slim back. Not only did the PS3 controller last longer, you didn't have to buy batteries or crappy 3rd party recharge kits.

    What i dont get about this whole argument tho is that 3rd party have bought out PS3/xbox360 design controllers for both platforms, with the PS3 ones being the best because they allow wireless.

      Honest question because I don't know;

      Are the 3rd party PS3 controllers 6 axis/rumble etc?

    I had a dream the other night that I saw Master Chief without his helmet. It was like a cross between Patrick Dempsey and Cuba Gooding Jr.

    For me the Duke was the best controller for me due to the fact that i have big hands. using a PS Controller is hell because they are too small for me

    Because I have man paws, the dukes were awesome. I use a PS control, my hands envelop it and I find it uncomfortable.

    i found this controller to be almost as bad as the ps controllers.. for opposite reasons. the duke is just too large for me, and the ps ones are too small + shitty thubstick placement.

    current xbox controllers = perfect :)

    What the hell is with the ps3's triggers? They feel like their about to fall off all the time. My favorite controller was the dreamcast. Then the 360.

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