Meet Lil And Laarg, The Stars Of The New PS Vita Game Escape Plan

Sony announced a new PS Vita title at their press conference today named Escape Plan. The player controls Lil and Laarg, two leather suited characters that look like they're from right out of Nightmare Before Christmas.

The goal is to escape a black and white world, but there are plenty of traps to rip apart our heros. The art style is a mix of cute and twisted and it looks like it'll be just as fun watching the characters die as it will to see them succeed. Squish, slice, or electrocute the pair, it doesn't matter, this game's style already has me very interested.

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    So it's kinda like Limbo, but also not...

    love the art style!

    That looks beautiful. I hope they do a PS3 version at some point, because as tasty as some of these PSV games look I don't know if I could justify actually buying one.

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