Meet Your EVO 2011 Champion (In Marvel Vs Capcom 3)

Meet Your EVO 2011 Champion (In Marvel Vs Capcom 3)

As EVO 2011 draws to a close, we’re starting to see our champions crowned in the respective major games on show. First up is Marvel vs Capcom 3, with this year’s honours going to Viscant.

With one of the tournament heavyweights Justin Wong kept out of the final (he ended up in third place) the last bout was between Viscant (using Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix) and PR Balrog (using Wolverine/Dante/Tron/Amaterasu). While Balrog pulled off some of the most amazing wins of the weekend in getting to the final, once there it was all Viscant as he took out EVO 2011 MvC 3’s crown 3-0.

Viscant Wins EVO 2011 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Championship [SRK]


  • Correction, PR Balrog reset the bracket in Grand Finals by beating Viscant 3-2. Viscant was knocked into Losers so they had another best of 5, which he won 3-0.

    Also, PR Rog’s Tron managed to take down Dark Phoenix! Best moment of the MVC3 tournament for me.

    • Agreed, my jaw literally dropped when he landed that level 3 Hyper combo.

      I mean, really?! Who tries to grab Dark Pheonix?! Who does that?!

  • You really have to respect the diversity in MVC3’s competitive scene. There are only a few characters that don’t see regular rotation.

  • No mention of the earlier games? For shame Kotaku. There are more fighting games than just Capcom ones you know!

  • takes alot of data to make games in the next gen lke as wit ps2 had lke 6 years of already being out the storwafe for it was easy to code but for the ps3 xbox and wii its harder bc they are the newer system and they can only push the bar so far with wat tech is out for fighting games and all games no matter wat the type but each system has little differences and the capcom team is trying to fit everything they can as much as they can to make the fans happy so expect exclusive dlc

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