Metal Gear Solid 3DS Isn't Winning Any Beauty Contests

Graphics aren't everything. They are important, but the gameplay, and sometimes the story, are more important. That still doesn't mean many gamers aren't graphics snobs. They are.

Take Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3DS. The game is a 3DS version of the 2004 PlayStation 2 title, which sounds impressive, but the latest batch of screenshots are anything but.

On Japanese bulletin boards, comments range from saying the graphics look "terrible" to "crappy", while adding that "the PlayStation 2 version looked better". Other commenters wondered if this was a DS game -- or a PlayStation 1 one.

These screens do look terrible, but maybe the game looks better when it's running on a 3DS. Maybe it doesn't.

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    It's certainly not "AWESOME" but it's not like it's 'terrible' either. Someone should do some comparisons to Peacewalker.

    Peacewalker was stunning to me. Great game.

    To me it seems fine, I just wanna play the thing.

    It's just the textures that look really off, especially on the brick walls.

    horrible textures.
    I'd rather play my subsistance copy on my ps2.

    lol, people bitching about a game's graphics that's still in development

      The problem is, as development goes on... the graphics are getting worse. The "game" looked fantastic when it was a cut-scene demo (you had control over the camera), but its since dropped in quality a lot.

      One thing I've found with some 3DS games is that they look a lot better with the 3D effect turned on. But as other commenters have said, the textures here just look horrid =(

    On the last batch of screens, I compared it to screens of the original, and they looked pretty much the same. Me thinks people have rose coloured glassed when thinking back to the PS2.

    It looks better in motion and as some other outlets have pointed out konami are going to a lot of trouble to cram as many 3DS specific features in as they can.... and its still MGS3 so day one for me!

    Man... those textures are appalling.

    It'll probably look better when you see it running in person on a 3DS in 3D.

    I'm usually one to go fairly easy on graphics, and still appreciate those that others consider to be trash. But this? :/

    Mercenaries looks better.

    But does it still play like arse? Like RE, MGS' controls were too retarded for me to bother with it.

    Is it just me, or are all the 3DS's games graphic's turning out to be quite a bit worse than we thought they were. They better make this as good as if not BETTER than Peacewalker. But not as god damn hard as peacewalker though.

    I can't stop laughing at those gas cannister textures. This is beyond the PS2-jaggy era mess.

    The one at the top has pretty bad wall textures, but the rest aren't so bad

    Looks as good or better than ps2

      You gotta be kidding me, JUST LOOK at the ps2. They're noticeably worse.

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