Metroid Fusion Free For All Nintendo Ambassadors [UPDATE]

Metroid Fusion Free For All Nintendo Ambassadors  [UPDATE]

Metroid Fusion Free For All Nintendo Ambassadors  [UPDATE]Only two days ago we were openly bitching about Nintendo ignoring the 25th anniversary of Samus and Metroid, but thankfully something has been done – if you log into the e-shop by 2pm tomorrow, you’ll be eligible for a free download of Metroid Fusion, which will be released at some point before the end of 2011.

For all Metroid fans this is an absolute must. Purely for nostalgia reasons I’m forced to say that Super Metroid is the best 2D Metroid, but good lord Metroid Fusion pushes it hard.

If you own a 3DS and haven’t played Metroid Fusion you owe it to yourself, and humanity, to play this game. It’s an absolute masterpiece of atmosphere and design.

We’ve double checked with Nintendo Australia, and it has confirmed that this deal is available to all Nintendo 3DS owners – including Australia.

Nintendo couldn’t confirm precisely when the game would be up on the store, only that it would be exclusive to Nintendo Ambassadors.

Apologies for the misunderstanding – there was a bit of confusion with what we had been told initially by Nintendo Australia. The game will not be free until 2pm tomorrow as we initially reported. 3DS owners must log onto the e-shop before 2pm tomorrow to eligible for the download when it is released.


  • I don’t see it, even after a search… is it meant to be up already? And yes, I’ve owned mine since launch 😛

  • Wait, so if I somehow forget or didn’t know about it at all, I wouldn’t be able to get it after 2pm tomorrow? Bollocks, I say!

    • Upon hearing the revised story, my mighty heart began the process of decomposition; colloquially know as breaking. Thanks for the update, Mark. Very much appreciated.

  • I just ‘gasmed in my pants , if you know what I mean, wink wink , nudgenudge, say NO MOOOORE!



    • Also, I am in full agreeance (is that even a word?) with Mark on the status of 2D Metroid games.

      What did every one think of ZERO???

        • Metroid: Zero Mission was great but it was too short, the hours it took to gain 100% completion was equal to finishing the main mission of Metroid Fusion.

          Metroid Fusion and Super Metroid are the best of the series for me, could never really get into the FPS games for some reason.

          • I liked the first and second FP explorers I call them, you dont really need shooting skills.

            The third doesn;t seem so good and that DS one was an abortion!

          • I never got 100% but I did manage to finish it on hard.

            I found half the time spent in Fusion is reading all that damn txt from the AI support, man that dood never shuts up!

  • oh this article is saying it will be in the eshop by tomorrow(which is update day thursday).

    Has anyone seen any “special Ambassador” folders, areas??

    • Yeah dude, but I think initially it was thought that you could actually download the game now, which is not true. You just have to log into the eShop before tomorrow to make sure you can redeem this in the future.

      • Exactly. I had the original story confirmed by Nintendo Australia, but then it seems as though they re-read the details and realised they were wrong.

        It’s just stupid. It would make way more sense to just put the game on now and let fans download free.

        • August 12 is 3DS price cut day… so this announcement just seems to be the ambassador program announcement again, except ignoring the other 19 games you also get.

          • Highly agree dude. Of course, I have no idea how “difficult” it is to put it up for download today (I’m gonna go with, not difficult at all) but 25th anniversary/gift to your early adopters/reason to stop 3DS gathering dust.

            For all the ‘cool’ things Nintendo does, they do some wack shit too. The perfect Jekyll/Hyde.

    • I personally logged in in excitement hoping it would be on there and I would log in just incase, but I suspect if you have logged in already it wouldn’t matter.

      Although, Nintendo is a strange beast so if they pull the “you-must-log-in-the-24-hours-we-say” I wouldn’t be surprised.

      Maybe ninty just wanted to see a huge spike in their eShop figures.
      “In August we reported the highest amount of unique log ins to the eShop in 24 hours, showing the 3DS is bla bla bla”.

      Taking bets on this possibility now.

  • I seriously don’t know why everyone is so confused. Every nintendo news site I know of (vooks, nintendo life etc) have had Metroid: Fusion listed as one of the GBA games available to 3DS ambassadors since the price-drop announcement. It has also been made very clear since then that 1) The NES games would BEGIN to be uploaded on September 1st, 2) that the GBA games would be out by the end of the year and 3) that to be eligible for the free games you have to CONNECT to the eShop (just connect) by midnight (american time, IIRC) on August 11th.

    Why anyone is even linking this to the 25th anniversary of metroid is beyond me, since this was made know when the price drop was announced last month.

    • Nintendo of America posted something about people getting it after midnight in America- which is where I thought this news was quoting from?

  • I’ve logged onto the E-shop several times since the announcement of this program, but shouldn’t there be a notification saying that you’ve successfully enrolled?

    • i agree Jim, i feel very uneasy about not having anything that actually says you have done it.
      how would you dispute it if Nintendo didn’t include you for some reason.

    • I got a notification to say it’s happening, no official “you’re enrolled” but it gave me that impression.

    • I’ve got a US 3DS and there is a store update viewable in the store news section that says point blank ‘you are now enrolled in the ambassador program’. No such message on the AU store?

      • I received that message on my AU 3DS when I booted it up last Friday. Can’t believe we have to wait longer for Metroid Fusion (I can believe it; just don’t want to).

  • Well at least Nintendo are making an effort to consider the hardcore 3DS userbase and giving them some DLC. Although it would have been great to see a new fresh 2d metroid altogether as I think the platform is worth it’s own exclusive Metroid release.

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