Metroid Fusion Free For All Nintendo Ambassadors [UPDATE]

Only two days ago we were openly bitching about Nintendo ignoring the 25th anniversary of Samus and Metroid, but thankfully something has been done – if you log into the e-shop by 2pm tomorrow, you’ll be eligible for a free download of Metroid Fusion, which will be released at some point before the end of 2011.

For all Metroid fans this is an absolute must. Purely for nostalgia reasons I’m forced to say that Super Metroid is the best 2D Metroid, but good lord Metroid Fusion pushes it hard.

If you own a 3DS and haven’t played Metroid Fusion you owe it to yourself, and humanity, to play this game. It’s an absolute masterpiece of atmosphere and design.

We’ve double checked with Nintendo Australia, and it has confirmed that this deal is available to all Nintendo 3DS owners – including Australia.

Nintendo couldn’t confirm precisely when the game would be up on the store, only that it would be exclusive to Nintendo Ambassadors.

Apologies for the misunderstanding – there was a bit of confusion with what we had been told initially by Nintendo Australia. The game will not be free until 2pm tomorrow as we initially reported. 3DS owners must log onto the e-shop before 2pm tomorrow to eligible for the download when it is released.

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