Milla Jovovich Returning To Resident Evil

Actress Milla Jovovich is starring in the fifth RE flick, Resident Evil: Retribution. Paul W.S. Anderson is writing and directing. The film is slated for September 2012 and will take place in Toronto and Tokyo. [Bloody Disgusting]


    Please stop making these shitty films. You are making baby Jesus cry, you have already made him cry 4 times. Why 5? sick bastards.

    Again? Must be a cult following. I stopped watching em after the second one completely destroyed Nemesis

    Old news much?

    I for one like the movies. If you don't like them, then here's a secret...don't watch them.

    Love Milla, she's the best :)

    and on another news clouds seen in the sky this morning

    After the 2nd movie I just couldn't say I liked the movies anymore... but I'll always be up for a lil Jovovich in anything I'm watching

    MultiPass, indeed.

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